UC Blue Ash Is Listening - Comments, Compliments, and Complaints

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Do you have feedback to share, a positive interaction, a concern or complaint to voice? UCBA is listening. We will review your feedback, refer you to resources, and appropriately address your concern or complaint.

Provide Feedback with the UCBA is Listening Form

UC Blue Ash College welcomes and encourages student feedback of all types – concerns, complaints or exceptionally positive feedback you would like to share.

If you do have a concern or complaint - the best first step is to discuss it directly with the individual or departments involved. They will be best prepared to answer questions, help address or resolve the issue, or refer you to the person or resource that can most capably help.

UC Issues that can NOT be addressed through a UCBA Is Listening Form

Certain issues should be addressed through university processes and resources – not through the UCBA is Listening form. These include:

  • Grade grievances
  • Student behavior concerns
  • Academic misconduct
  • Sex or gender-based discrimination or harassment or violence
  • Bill payment hardships
  • Privacy of student records

For guidance and referrals on addressing these issues, review the formal issue resolution page or contact UCBA Assistant Dean Dr. Greg Metz. 

Reaching out to a department or office 

For issues that don't require a formal process, reach out first to the individual with whom or department with which the issue is concerned. They are usually the best resource for help with addressing the concern. For your convenience, the directory link below provides contact information for any department at UC Blue Ash College.

If you are unsure what department or office to contact, or would like guidance on discussing the issue, you should either complete the UCBA is Listening form, or email metzgy@ucmail.uc.edu

Completing the UCBA is Listening form

You have the option of submitting your feedback or concern through the UCBA Is Listening online system. A UC Blue Ash representative will review your submission, answer any questions, and provide guidance or assistance in addressing the issue.

If the issue you are concerned about falls within the “specific UC process” list, follow the UC process indicated instead of submitting the UCBA is Listening form. Questions – just ask and we will guide you.

What Will Happen When I Submit a UCBA Is Listening Form?

A UC Blue Ash representative will review your submission, contact you to answer any questions, provide guidance or assistance in addressing the issue and – in the case of a concern or complaint – help to appropriately resolve the issue.

If you would like advice or guidance about what the appropriate process or next steps are for discussing a concern or complaint, please contact Greg Metz – Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at gregory.metz@uc.edu

Contact Information

Academic Affairs - Greg Metz
Muntz Hall • Room 140
Phone: (513) 745-5670
Email: metzgy@ucmail.uc.edu