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While learning in the classroom is an essential part of higher education, life experiences such as meeting new people in different parts of the world can transform and shape a person for the rest of their life. Students who study abroad often claim they return a completely different person with a newfound respect for diversity and a fresh perspective. Having the opportunity to step (or leap!) out of one's comfort zone, perhaps for the first time, is priceless.

All Around The World

UC Blue Ash has hosted more than 30 study abroad trips since the program was founded at the school in 1997. Students and teachers have learned and explored in locations like Germany, England, Austria, France, Costa Rica, Canada and Perú.

Study Abroad 2023:
Great Britain & Germany

May 10-June 7, 2023 • Anticipated cost: $4600
Grantham, England • Nottingham, England • London, England • Munich, Germany

Design for a Threatened Planet
In this month-long program to Great Britain and Germany, the cities of Grantham, Nottingham, London, and Munich become living laboratories where students will study environmental sustainability. Using the tools of history and design, students will examine how housing, mobility, food production, and waste systems have shaped contemporary urban environments, then explore creative, hands-on techniques to make cities more sustainable in an age of rapid growth and climate change. No foreign language skills necessary.

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Learn From Past Trips

Students who have participated in past study abroad programs maintained blogs of their journeys. Check out what they had to say about the experience and how rewarding it truly was.

Great Britain Student Blogs

Quebec Blogs


Contact Information

British Study Abroad Contact
Professor Mark Otten

Costa Rica Study Abroad Contact
Professor Angie Woods

Québec Study Abroad Contact
Professor Jody Ballah