UC Blue Ash Parking Information

UC Blue Ash College has convenient parking near all our facilities. Students, staff, and faculty are required to have parking permits to use the lots. Students obtain parking permits at orientation or from the Onestop Office.

Free Parking Passes Available For Pickup

  • All students are required to obtain a new Academic (2018-2019) parking permit.
  • New decals are WHITE WITH RED TEXT. The old red parking passes are expired.
  • Parking permits are now REQUIRED or you may be ticketed
  • There is no cost for the permit
  • Only students currently taking a course on UC Blue Ash campus can attain a permit.

New permits are available for pickup at the UC Blue Ash College One Stop Student Service Center in Muntz Hall

Parking Map

This map will clearly show you where the different parking areas at UCBA are located, and where to find spaces that are available for students, faculty/staff, handicap spots, or the Dental Hygiene Clinic.

Parking Rules & Policies

Learn and follow these rules and regulations for parking at UC Blue Ash College. Those who do not follow these policies will receive parking violations. 

Parking Permits

Anyone parking at UC Blue Ash College is required to have a parking permit.

Students can pick up a new parking permit in the One stop Office (Muntz 150).

Faculty and staff may pick up a parking permit in the Dean's Suite Muntz room 140. A fee applies for full-time faculty and all staff.

Adjunct Parking Permits are required to be ordered every term and can be requested here: Adjunct Parking Permit Request Form


Ticket Payments and Appeals

Tickets may be issued to students or visitors parking in yellow (faculty/staff) or green (clinic patient) parking spaces. You will also receive a ticket if you park in a disability parking space without proper identification on your vehicle.

If you received a ticket and believe you have a justifiable reason to appeal the ticket, please complete the appeals form. Completing the appeals form does not guarantee that your ticket will be waived.

Contact Information

Muntz Hall • Room 140
Phone: (513) 745-5660
Email: parking@ucblueash.edu