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Career Services

Have an idea of what you want to do after college? We can help you figure out what you need to do while in college to prepare for your future career.

The Career Services Office is your connection to exploring volunteer, full-time, part-time and seasonal positions. You can discuss the mechanics of resume writing, have your resume critiqued, learn how to give your best interview, participate in a mock interview, and discover strategies for conducting an effective job search.

The University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College uses Handshake, a job and resume posting website, to communicate job postings to potential and current student workers.

Schedule an Appointment

Thank you for your interest in UC Blue Ash Career Services. If you are a current student and would like to schedule an appointment you can now schedule using Starfish! It’s quick and easy.

  1. Go to Canopy and log in with your UC username and password.
  2. Under Tools on the left-side of the page, select Starfish.
  3. Select the arrow next to your name.
  4. Select schedule.
  5. Find availability and select a time.
  6. Determine type of appointment you need and schedule.
  7. That’s it!

Need more help with Starfish? Head to UC's Starfish FAQs page for students.

If you are an alumni, please contact Tanya Williams by email at tanya.williams@uc.edu or by phone at 513-936-1500..

Services We Offer

  • Resume Review - Have your current resume reviewed and revised, or get the tools to create one from scratch.
  • Internship Assistance - Career Services helps connect students with employers in the field of their interest. Learn about internships at UC Blue Ash.
  • Cover Letter Assistance - Have your current cover letter reviewed and revised, or get tips on how to write one.
  • Interviewing Tips - Learn about how to prepare for an interview, what questions to expect, and follow-up procedures.
  • Mock Interviews - Practice makes perfect! Get feedback from a practice interview.
  • Networking Ideas - Develop your "elevator pitch" for Career Fairs and other networking events.
  • Job Search Techniques & Resources - Learn where to look and how to apply for jobs. See our resources for job searching.
  • Get Help Creating Your Handshake Profile and Posting Your Resume - Find out where you can upload your resume and search/apply for jobs with Handshake.
  • Events - Each semester we host a number of events, including a Career Fair, to help you plan for your professional future.
  • Alumni Assistance - Even after you graduate, you can return to UC Blue Ash to receive career assistance.

Example Resumes and Skill Sets

Check out these example resumes and skill sets for a variety of programs and majors. See what other people are putting in their resumes, and what might be missing from yours.

On-Campus Job Application

Fill out the following form if you are interested in an on-campus position. Turn in the application to the department with the position you're interested in.

Career Preparation

Part of your success in college lies in your ability to determine what it is you want to do after college - in other words, identify your career goal.

The Advising Center

Students trying to decide on a major should visit the UC Blue Ash Advising Center. The Advising Center is still the place to go for assessment testing (Myers-Briggs, etc.) that helps identify a student's strengths. The results are used to consider possible majors and a career path.

For questions about assessment testing and choosing a major contact the Advising Center advising@ucblueash.edu at or call 513-745-5753.

Once your career goal is identified, Career Services can help you figure out what you need to do while in college to be highly sought after by employers.


Contact Information

Tanya Williams | Career Services
Muntz Hall 150B
Phone: 513-936-1500

Email: tanya.williams@uc.edu