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Dental Hygiene student in lab

The Allied Health Department at UC Blue Ash College offers a variety of programs that prepare students for a career in healthcare immediately after they graduate or if they plan to transition to the UC Uptown campus or the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science to continue their education. 

Allied Health also features its own bachelor’s program in Radiation Science Technology, as well as the region's only Dental Hygiene program. 

Academic Programs

Non-Degree Programs

Career-Oriented Associate Degree Programs

Transition-Oriented Associate Degree Programs

Allied Health transfer programs at UC Blue Ash allow students the opportunity to begin their baccalaureate degree studies in a smaller campus atmosphere at a convenient location.

Bachelor's Degree Program

Dental Hygiene Technology Program

At UC Blue Ash College, we are proud to offer the largest and one of the most-established Dental Hygiene programs in the state. The program was created with the founding of our college in 1967 and it continues to be the only Dental Hygiene program offered in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Our growth and success are the result of our ongoing commitment to excellence. We provide our dental hygiene graduates with the knowledge and skills that meet the roles of the profession as a clinician, change agent, administrator/manager, researcher, educator or patient advocate.

The Dental Hygiene Technology program at UC Blue Ash College is an accredited two-year program that leads to an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Dental Hygiene Information Sessions

Don't miss your chance to learn more about the Dental Hygiene Program at UC Blue Ash College by attending one of our information sessions.

The sessions usually last 1 to 1-1/2 hours with a tour of the clinic at the end. Each session takes place in Walters Hall 100 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. Register for your session by following the link associated with your date of choice.

Estimated Costs of Dental Hygiene Program
Disclaimer: This is an estimate of additional expenses (not including tuition) and is
subject to change. Other costs may be necessary and will be communicated to the Dental Hygiene student in a timely manner.
Items Semester Approximate Costs
CPR Two Year Certification Fall 1st Year $80.00
FBI Background Check Fall 1st Year $66.00
Immunizations, Eye Exam and Dental Exam Fall 1st Year Varies
Standard Uniforms, name tags & Blood Pressure Kit Fall 1st Year $140.00
Uniform Shoes Fall 1st Year $100.00
Instrument Kit Fall 1st Year $700.00
Periodontal Instrumentation Streaming Video Fall 1st Year $100.00
Fundamentals of the Oral Exam DVD Fall 1st Year $30.00
Project Materials Fall 1st Year $150.00
Additional Uniforms Spring 1st Year $100.00
2nd Instrumental Kit Fall 2nd Year $350.00
TB Test Fall 2nd Year Varies
Optional National Board Exam Review Spring 2nd Year $500.00
Dental Hygiene National Board Exam Spring 2nd Year $400.00
CDCA Clinical Board Exam Spring 2nd Year $975.00
CDCA Local Anesthesia Exam Spring 2nd Year $140.00
Diploma Spring 2nd Year $60.00
Applying for a state license (application, fingerprint, background check, pictures) Spring 2nd Year $250.00
Magnification Loupes (NOTE: Loupes are required and can run anywhere from $500 - $1200+ for a good pair that will last well into your dental hygiene
Fall 1st Year $1000.00
New Textbooks (NOTE: when available, buying used
books, eBooks and book rentals may significantly lower the cost of textbooks.)
Non-Tuition Cost Estimate $7,436.00

UC Smiles Program

The UC Smiles program brings area children to the UC Blue Ash campus and provides them with the resources they need to attain good oral health, while encouraging them that a college education is attainable for everyone.

Dental Hygiene Clinic

Many dental procedures are performed in the dental hygiene clinic. The highly skilled and professional staff perform services which include preventive treatment.


Contact Information

Muntz Hall Room 140
Phone: 513-936-1631
Email: luanna.schwaeble@uc.edu