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Get The Basics

Welcome New Students!

Welcome to UC Blue Ash College! In this section you'll find all the information you'll need as a student, starting off with orientation and the first year experience. 

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Student Experience

UC Blue Ash College offers an enriching and unique experience for students to get involved. We have a diverse amount of groups and activities to participate in, or you can even start your own club!

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Student Services

There have been over 19,000 alumni from UC Blue Ash. Hear from some of these successful individuals and the role that UC Blue Ash played in helping them achieve their goals.

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Get The Basics

Here are some resources for students at UC Blue Ash. Students should be familiar with important dates, policies, and the tools that are available to students. 

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Register For Classes

Ready to schedule your classes? Here is your resource for scheduling your classes. 

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Premiere Leadership Positions

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a protocol to assist students in intentionally and positively developing their self-confidence, community engagement and leadership skills.

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Get Involved. Be Successful

Statistically, students that get involved in organizations and activities at UC Blue Ash College have higher GPA's and are more successful in college.

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