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UC Blue Ash College New Employee Guide and Resources

Dean Cady Short-Thompson

Dean Cady Short-Thompson

Congratulations on choosing to work for one of the area’s top employers, the University of Cincinnati, and for one of the institution’s greatest colleges, UC Blue Ash. Of course, I may be just a tad biased, but I truly believe our college is a wonderful work environment as well as a top-notch educational facility. Our faculty, staff and students collaborate to make this a fantastic college and our beautiful campus inspires personal growth for all. I’m sure you’ll find a warm welcome here – one in which each individual is challenged to do his or her personal best and to seek out new challenges and learning. We pride ourselves on our nurturing atmosphere, which lends itself to close working and learning relationships with others across the campus, in our community and within the university and the region.

As you might imagine, there’s plenty to learn about our great college and the university, so this site has been designed to help you navigate this new world. First, important links are in the right column and the middle column contains information pertinent to all types of employees. Be certain to view the sections personalized for faculty, staff and student workers. Please use these resources to help become acquainted with our college and to ensure your onboarding process as an employee is a smooth one.

Again, welcome to UC Blue Ash College!

Dean Cady Short-Thompson
Deans Office

About Our Team



Our Faculty come from all over the world to make the Cincinnati area and the Blue Ash community their home. We have put together this web page and these links to offer you some insights into our college and our community. As new members of our UCBA family, please let us know if there is any other way we can assist you as you get acclimated to your new “home”. We WELCOME you to the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College.



Our Staff are VIP’s, Vitally Important Personnel, in the day to day operations of UC Blue Ash College as well as in the fulfillment of our long term goals. This page and the links you will find here are designed to aid you in the transition to your new working environment – not only on our campus but also in our community. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any one of our team members for assistance.

Student Workers

Student Workers

There are many routes to academic and career success, and everyone’s choice will be a little different. There’s no question, however, that work experience while in school can accelerate your progress. UC Blue Ash College is excited to have you join our team.


New Employee Start Guide

Are you new to UC Blue Ash? Did you just take a position or just start? Check out this new employee guide that walks you through what you need to do in your first month of employment. View New Employee Guide


Contact Information

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Equal Opportunity Coordinator
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Phone: (513) 745-5615
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