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Expert Faculty at UC Blue Ash College

Many of our faculty members are leaders in their fields of study – conducting research, presenting, and publishing. We count among our faculty: Fulbright Scholars, a Nobel Institute Fellow, national and international award winners, presidents of national organizations, and University-wide leaders, including the former chair of the UC Faculty Senate.

The majority of our faculty hold the terminal degree in their field – PhD, EdD, etc.


History professor, Dr. John McNay, was a Visiting Fellow in 2016 at the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo, Norway.

We have multiple Fulbright Scholars on our faculty who have traveled the world to conduct research.


Two-thirds of our classes are taught by full-time, tenure-track faculty.

Top 15

Two-thirds of our classes are taught by full-time, tenure-track faculty.

We are nationally recognized experts in the practice of teaching.


Leading Innovation

Leading Innovation

Daniella Fisher (Chemistry) is a UC Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member Award winner, and the creator of an innovative partnership between UC Blue Ash and Sycamore Community Schools. She helped lead the development of the program where UCBA students work with elementary school students to explore scientific discovery.

“For me, the most rewarding part was being able to impact the future generation of scientists while seeing our UC Blue Ash students shine in teaching others,” said Fisher.”

Reach for the stars

Reach For the Stars

Physics professor Cenalo Vaz conducts research in the field of gravitational collapse and black hole radiation. He has presented his research at international conferences in India, Japan, Germany, and the U.S. Dr. Vaz has also written three full-length texts on Electrodynamics, Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics for the graduate level.

“I have taught in several places around the world and I enjoy teaching at UC Blue Ash. The faculty at UC Blue Ash and the UC community as a whole are very supportive of my research and make a great environment for discovery.”

For the Love of Learning.


Biology professor Amy Gultice enjoys learning as much as she loves teaching. Her research focuses on identifying factors for student success in her classroom and beyond, and she’s teamed with other professors to develop effective, engaging activities to teach complex scientific concepts.

"Watching students become scholars is the most fulfilling part of my job. In my courses, students can see early on how what we are studying in the classroom applies to real-life situations, and this inspires them to learn."


Dr. Gultice also helps set the direction of the college by serving on UC Blue Ash committees that have developed new programs to support student success.


Reach for the stars

Passion For Our World

Rob Gioielli (History) is a well-known specialist in environmental history, actively publishing and working on projects including environmental philanthropy and international wildlife conservation. He encourages students to follow their passions, while gaining a holistic education.

“Time and again, top executives and professionals say they want graduates with critical thinking and analytical skills, and the ability to write well and work in teams. Those are the skills you learn in the UCBA Liberal Arts program.”

Timothy Forest

Bring The Past To Life

Fulbright Scholar and History professor, Timothy Forest, spent nine months living in France conducting research in French archives that will be the basis for anew book on immigration studies and new courses in the college’s European History program.

“I really enjoy gaining a new perspective for my research and my teaching,” he said. “I find that it’s one thing to read about history and culture, it’s another to see it firsthand.”

Timothy Forest

Award Winning

Eric Anderson (Electronic Media) has won numerous accolades for his own work, including three regional Emmy Awards, four Telly Awards, and recognition as Ohio’s Best Videographer four years in a row by the Ohio Associated Press.

But passing on his knowledge to others will always be his greatest achievement.

“One of the highlights of my teaching career was being invited by the Navy to give a week-long workshop to train the Mass Communication Specialists at the US Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan.”

Exploration. Transformation. And all that Jazz.


In the classroom, her enthusiasm is contagious.

Simply put, her students adore her. And the feeling is mutual.

A native of Puerto Rico and part-time jazz saxophonist, Spanish professor Maria Ortiz brings a global perspective to her students’ learning. Dr. Ortiz is a vocal champion of the study abroad experience, and loves seeing her students return from a trip transformed.

On campus, she leads as a Diversity Scholars mentor and Vice-chair of the college’s Cultural Diversity Committee.


"I love the students here. They come from different backgrounds and paths in life and our supportive campus creates a unique community where they come together to learn and grow. Being witness to their achievements energizes me!"



Tracy Herrman

Image Gently

Allied Health professor Tracy Herrmann is a driving force behind the national Image Gently campaign, an initiative to promote radiation protection in the imaging of children.

“This work is extremely important in providing quality health care. And, for me, it’s equally important to show my students how we, as professionals, must continually improve our practice.”

Helen Harte

Helping Achieve Dreams

Helene Harte (Pre-Education) is a driving force in helping future educators achieve their dreams. She advises the Association of Student Educators on campus and presents research on relevant topics in education on a national level.

She also has joined a group of educators to develop the Respecting Haiti curriculum – a cross-cultural training program to raise awareness of child slavery in Haiti.

“I want to show my students that education is the key to breaking the cycle of slavery, violence and intolerance.”

Research. Discussion. Personal Discovery.


Behavioral Science professor Todd Callais is an avid researcher in the areas of criminology and media, and brought his passion to life on campus last year through the development of the Police+Race+Trust speakers series.

This unique series brought nationally recognized experts to UC Blue Ash for frank discussions about the role of police and race in our society and their depiction in the media.

"The speaker series allowed my students to gain new perspectives on a topic that is near and dear to me."

More than anything, though, Dr. Callais loves helping students identify and research topics that they are passionate about.


"I quite enjoy guiding students through independent research projects. I have had a student win a prize in the student paper competition at the North Central Sociological Association for the last two years now."

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