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UCBA Academic Advising

UC Blue Ash College provides academic advising to students through faculty and professional staff advisors. Advisors post appointment schedules on Starfish in Blackboard during registration advising periods. Students sign up online for an advising appointment. Students who have questions about advising (For example: Who is my assigned advisor? When is the next Priority Registration advising period?) or need names, office numbers, and hours of faculty and professional staff advisors may call  (513) 745-5753.  An advising coordinator may not be available to take your call immediately, please leave a message on the voicemail box and your call will be returned.

Find Your Advisor

View this list of advisors, the list is alphabetical based on the program name that the advisor represents.

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Make An Appointment

Looking to make an appointment? Here's the information you need to schedule. 

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Advising Expectations

In order to provide the best education possible, there are some expectations that the college has of its students and staff. Here are those expectations, which are designed to guide and assist.

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Advisor Meetings

Meeting with your advisor in a timely, and effective manner can make a huge difference in your education. Let your advisor help you decide what path to take inorder to get the education you want and take the classes you need to do it on time and in the most effective order.

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Academic Calendar

Check out the full academic calendar to see what things you need inorder to stay on top of your academic requirements. Check back regularly!

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Degree Audit

Use our advanced degree auditing software. It will help you see the big picture about the classes your taking, and the classes you need to take to get your degree. This is not a substitute for meeting with your advisor.

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Contact Information

UC Blue Ash Advising Center
Muntz Hall • Room 125
(513) 745-5753