History, Philosophy & Political Science Department

Greetings from the History, Philosophy and Political Science Department at UC Blue Ash College!  We are excited to offer a variety of classes during the academic year.  For the first time you can take a course in Latin American history as well as courses in environmental, women’s and Civil War history and an interdisciplinary seminar in European studies. On this page you will find basic information as well as a short description for all of our courses. 

Students interested in History are now able to complete the associate degree in History or major in Liberal Arts (a two-year interdisciplinary program that prepares you to transfer to more than 30 programs at the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences on UC’s Uptown campus). Liberal Arts majors begin their experience at UC Blue Ash with a first-year seminar and then take a variety of courses in the humanities as well as required courses in math, science and foreign language.

New History Associate Degree Program

The new AA Degree in History is designed to allow seamless transition into the History BA at the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences at the UC uptown campus but can be used as the building block for other majors as well.

European studies

European Studies

The European Studies certificate is recommended for all Liberal Arts students. This certificate can be a great path for many students, and aligns well with many transition programs. 


Interested in History?

Want to see some of it up-close and personal?

Consider applying for the UC Blue Ash College Study Abroad Program, and join UCBA students and faculty in traveling internationally and witnessing many fascinating historical sites in-person! Study Abroad trips have been led in the past by our professors John McNay and Tim Forest.   

Contact Information

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LuAnna Schwaeble
Phone: (513) 745-5625
Email:  luanna.schwaeble@uc.edu