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Step 3 of the UC Blue Ash Admission Process: Placement Testing


Step 3 of the UC Blue Ash Admission Process: Placement Testing

After completing STEP 2: Confirming your admission to UC Blue Ash College, you need to take your placement tests.

Placement Test & Orientation Dates

After confirmation, students must take needed placement tests and then schedule orientation. Both are required.  

Testing Requirements 
Online Placement Tests
On-Campus Placement Tests


Last Placement Test &
Orientation Registration Deadline

Last Orientation

16 Summer Semester

April 26 May 5

16 Fall Semester

August 2 August 11

17 Spring Semester

December 22

January 5

Note: Students will not be able to schedule orientation until they have completed their placement tests. It is imperative that students complete placement tests at least two weeks before the orientation desired. 

Complete Placement Tests, then Register for Orientation

For our faculty and staff to best support you, it is imperative that you complete your placement tests at least two weeks before your orientation. You will be required to complete your placement tests by the deadline below in order to attend orientation during the corresponding date. If you do not complete your placement tests by the deadline, you may be delayed in starting classes.

You must also REGISTER to attend orientation. You are not automatically registered by completing placement testing

Upcoming Placement Test Sessions

Start Date/Time Cutoff Date/Time Qualifying Orientation
December 1, 2016 at noon December 6, 2016 at noon Last placement test option for those interested in attending orientation on Dec 13, 2016.
December 8, 2016 at noon December 13, 2016 at noon Last placement test option for those interested in attending orientation on Dec 20, 2016.
December 15, 2016 at noon December 22, 2016 at noon This is the final testing cutoff for the final orientation on Jan 5, 2017.

Which Tests You Need To Take

Find out which tests you need to take. Based on your ACT or SAT scores, you may not have to take the math or English placement tests. 

Note: Transfer and Dual-Enrollment credit may also qualify for test exemption. Official transcripts from those schools must be submitted to the University of Cincinnati and processed. 

Learn more about testing requirements

Free Tutorials For College Preparation

UC Blue Ash College has provided a free series of tutorials to help students prepare for college level work as they get ready for starting their first year of college. The tutorials will also review materials for the Math and English placement tests. 

Click here to learn more

Math Placement Test Details

The math placement test is a computer-based test used to determine a student's math preparedness. 

Learn about the math placement test

English Placement Test Details

The English placement test is designed to measure your reading and writing skills to determine the best beginning English course for you where you will experience academic success. 

Learn about the English placement test

Take Tests Online

Both the math and English placement tests can be taken online. Follow these instructions to take the tests from anywhere with an internet connection.

Take the online test

Take Tests On Campus

You have the option of scheduling to take the math or English placement tests on campus. Learn more about scheduling to test on campus.

Schedule on-campus test(s)

College for Program Success (CPAS) Students

Students participating in the College for Program Success program must take their placement tests in-person and have their own registration page.

Register for CPAS Placement Tests

Foreign Language Placement Testing

All students who:

  • Have had two or more years of a high school foreign language
  • Have prior knowledge of a foreign language
  • Wish to continue studying the same language

Must take the foreign language placement test prior to registering for a foreign language class.

Learn more about the foreign language placement test

Contact Information

Admissions Office
Muntz Hall • Room 150
Phone: (513) 745-5783