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How this student newspaper is going digital and still keeping its contributors “active” on the UC Blue Ash College campus.

Covering topics like where a broke, hungry student can eat in Blue Ash or what it’s like to study abroad, The Activist is the news site created by UC Blue Ash students for UC Blue Ash students.

Not long after our college was founded in 1967, students began writing and reporting for our student newspaper.

Although the name of the newspaper has changed throughout the years, the articles have always come from a student perspective.

“We cover topics specific to UCBA as well as more general topics,” says Professor McLaughlin, who is an Assistant Professor of English at UC Blue Ash. She teaches the English 2089 course where students develop articles for The Activist. ”Because the newspaper focuses on student perspectives, the range of topics and approaches varies.”

Of course, not just anything is posted to The Activist’s website; students submit their articles online and Professor McLaughlin looks over them for editing before they are allowed to go live.

“It’s actually pretty freestyle,” says one of Professor McLaughlin’s students, Cassidy Kempthorne. “Anyone can write whatever [topic] they want for it!”

When The Activist first started it was in a very typical print and paper format, but in the last few years it went digital and can only be accessed online through a tablet, smartphone or laptop.

News, Opinions and Fun Content from a Fresh Perspective.

“Most content comes from students in specific sections of English 2089,” says Professor McLaughlin. “I want story ideas and decisions to come from students, but I provide guidance, discussions, brainstorming prompts and parameters.”

As far as her own contributions to The Activist, Kempthorne says she wants to post more academically charged articles.

“It is a student newspaper, we are not all like ‘We want to be lazy and read some [soft news],’ sometimes I do want to read something that’s more academic,” says Kempthorne.

According to Professor McLaughlin, students should visit The Activist’s website to find out what their fellow students have to say about things like fun things to do in Blue Ash or procrastinating for a fun and easy way to spend a break between classes.

“I think it’s just important to stay in touch with what’s happening on campus and since it’s all written by us [the students] we are all going to have pretty unique perspectives,” says Kempthorne.

Connecting students to campus.

Writing for The Activist can provide excellent, real-world writing and content creation experience.

“Writing for a student newspaper gives college students an opportunity to participate in the life of their college and community, to share their perspectives and amplify their voices,” says Professor McLaughlin.

The Activist doesn’t just take story ideas from the students in Professor McLaughlin’s class. Students who have an interest in writing for the newspaper can submit a story idea through the “Have a story idea?” button.

From opinion, advice-oriented, UC related issues, the struggles of a college student, career advice, majors and student life, The Activist is sure to have an article for everyone to enjoy.

About Lori Rinehart

Lori Rinehart is the Communications Intern at UC Blue Ash for the 2018-19 academic year. Lori studies Journalism and Spanish at the University of Cincinnati Uptown campus.