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Two Hundred Years in Two Minutes


Between hyping up the crowd, helping a UC scientist discover diseased cells and exploring UC’s architecture throughout the years – you can “virtually” do it all!

The University of Cincinnati is celebrating its bicentennial in a futuristic way by documenting different aspects of the university throughout the last 200 years by launching a virtual reality (VR) project.

When you walk into the Muntz Hall Auditorium lobby at the UC Blue Ash campus you will see a large booth set-up with a computer monitor and a television screen, much like UC Blue Ash student Adam Leyendecker did before he tested the VR machine.

“It was immersive,” says Leyendecker, as he gathered his thoughts after being the first UC Blue Ash student to become the Bearcat mascot in the virtual world.

After downloading the UC Mobile App and signing a waiver, you are sent into the game and greeted by the UC Bearcat, who shows you the ropes. From there, you can pick different segments of time to explore by clicking on one of the five vignettes.

You can chose to dress up as the “Baehr-Cat” from 1914 and lead the crowd in a few cheers before the big game or help Albert Sabin advance his polio vaccine in a UC laboratory. There are also options to view different eras of the UC Uptown campus, meet UC alumna and civil rights activist Marian Spencer, or visit a UC classroom and witness the changes that took place from 1819 to 2019!

Each vignette is completely immersive and gives you the option to pick things up, engage in “challenges” and walk around. The project doesn’t just feature in-depth graphics; there are also real photographs and voices for each of the characters you meet.

If you want to experience UC throughout the years, stop by the VR booth in the Muntz Hall Auditorium lobby from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Monday –Thursday. The VR project is only scheduled to be on our campus until the end of March, so don’t miss out on this cool experience developed by fellow UC students!

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