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Creating a New Voice for UCBA Students


There are numerous ways to get involved on our campus, but if its leadership you are looking for then look no further; Student Government is making a comeback to UC Blue Ash College!

“Having a student voice through one collective body with the support of not just our college – but the entire University of Cincinnati – provides us, as a college, access to resources and other students that we would not have otherwise,” says UC Blue Ash College Senator, Bryce Mortera.

The thought of developing a permanent Student Government at UC Blue Ash (SGBA) was brought to the Student Life Office by Mortera, who is a Pre-Pharmacy major at the college.

“Support from student leaders at [UC] Clifton and from our own campus has increased my focus on completing the task of creating a College Tribunal,” says Mortera, who has been working with other UCBA students to develop the College Tribunal; which will be the primary name of the student governing body.

What does SGBA do?

The purpose of SGBA is to serve as a connection for students to the college administration, offices and faculty. Student concerns and interests are to be met by the Tribunal. Any and all students are encouraged to offer input to SGBA and spread the word!

“Besides meeting with local college administration, the Tribunal will send and have delegates to meet with cross-college student government on the [UC] Clifton campus,” says Mortera. “As the Tribunal grows and becomes more well-known my hope is that it will be able to host events and activities for the student body.”

How do I join?

As of right now, it will not cost any money to join Student Government. It is open to all University of Cincinnati students, regardless of credit hours. There will be a set GPA and attendance requirement, along with set bylaws, which students will need to follow in order to run for executive offices within the Tribunal.

“Right now, our initial group is working towards actually getting an organization set up on campus before we start admitting members to the Tribunal,” says Mortera. “Once we have formed, there will hopefully be weekly meetings.”

SGBA does not have a set start date yet, but Mortera is aiming to set up the Tribunal by the end of February 2019.

Be sure to look out for more info on joining SGBA!

If you are interested in joining Student Government at UC Blue Ash College and have any questions or concerns, contact Bryce Mortera at, or stop into the UCBA Library in Muntz Hall on Wednesdays from 11:10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. to meet with Mortera during Senator Office hours.

About Lori Rinehart

Lori Rinehart is the Communications Intern at UC Blue Ash for the 2018-19 academic year. Lori studies Journalism and Spanish at the University of Cincinnati Uptown campus.