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UC Celebrates Bicentennial with a Futuristic Twist


With red and black décor all around, UC Blue Ash students, faculty and staff gathered in the Muntz Hall Auditorium to show their school spirit and support for the University of Cincinnati as it celebrates its 200th birthday.

The event featured a cake, cupcakes and a virtual reality (VR) machine that documented the University of Cincinnati’s evolution since 1819 to its current state. Users could also get a glimpse into the future.

“You really have to credit the [UC] Foundation and Legacy Committee for being so future-thinking,” says Chris Collins, senior IT manager at the UC Office of Information Technologies.

Above: Neil Sharrow, eMedia Department Staff Member, tests out the VR machine with the help of an eMedia student.

The UC Foundation and the Bicentennial Legacy Committee developed the VR experience because they wanted to celebrate in a non-typical way.

“They did not want a typical bench or a statue,” says Collins.

The VR concept was developed in-house with the help of students and staff from UC.

UC Blue Ash College was happy to have the VR machine for students, faculty and staff to enjoy – as well as UC President Neville G. Pinto, who briefly spoke about the legacy the university has built.

“It’s important for us to reflect where we came from, where we are and where we want to go,” says President Pinto.

Being “Boldly Bearcat.”

As the University of Cincinnati celebrates its 200th birthday this year, UC Blue Ash celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.

“This year, we are celebrating even more boldly,” says UC Blue Ash Dean Robin Lightner, “As a university we want to be bold, impactful and innovative.”

Dr. Daniel Drake founded the Medical College of Ohio in 1819, which served as the first building block for the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Drake’s legacy is very much alive within the university and the city of Cincinnati.

“He understood that if this small frontier [Cincinnati] town and the neighboring areas around it were to be of any significance they would have to have an institute of higher learning,” says President Pinto.

UC has set new record-breaking enrollment each of the past six years, with students hailing from over 100 countries. UC Blue Ash has also set records for its incoming class each of the past two years.

About Lori Rinehart

Lori Rinehart is the Communications Intern at UC Blue Ash for the 2018-19 academic year. Lori studies Journalism and Spanish at the University of Cincinnati Uptown campus.