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50 Facts about UCBA: Fact 27


As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of UC Blue Ash College during the 2017-18 academic year, we are sharing 50 Facts about our college. Watch for a new fact each week on social media sites, TV monitors around campus and on the UCBANow blog.


Eric Broyles is a UC Blue Ash Distinguished Alumnus who continues to give back to the college. A successful corporate attorney and entrepreneur, Eric is a scholarship donor who often returns to our campus to speak to students. He started a new speakers series in 2018 to feature UC alumni who share their experiences in overcoming challenges and achieving academic and professional success.

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More Recent Facts


The Veterinary Technology program has been a part of our college curriculum since the early 1970’s, but the Vet Tech building didn’t open on our campus until 2005. Before then, the program and labs were based at UC Uptown.

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The city of Blue Ash is the largest suburban office market in Greater Cincinnati; so over 2,000 companies are located in our backyard. This gives us an awesome location for students looking for internships!

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