50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Book on Sale!


The original administrators, faculty and staff for the college. Dean Hilmar Krueger is in the center of the
front row. Associate dean Ernest Muntz is next to him on the left. 1967.

The University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College played an important role in national efforts to expand access to higher education during the 1960’s. As the college marks its 50th Anniversary, a new book, 50 Years of UC Blue Ash College: Inspiring Student Success – Then, Now, Always, has been published to document key developments that led to the founding of the college, as well as its continued growth over the past half-century.

A new book celebrating the 50th Anniversary of UC Blue Ash College is on sale in the UCBA bookstore and online.

When UC Blue Ash College opened in fall 1967 (known then as Raymond Walters College) it was the first regional college created by the University of Cincinnati and one of the first in the state. It was founded as a result of the federal Higher Education Act, which went into law in 1965 and was designed to increase access to higher education for low and middle-income students. In Ohio, the federal funds were invested into existing public universities like the University of Cincinnati to create regional colleges that are open access and offer tuition rates that are lower than most universities.

“In telling the story of UC Blue Ash, I really wanted to make sure we fully understand the context in which this school was created,” says Rob Gioielli, the book’s author and UC Blue Ash history professor. “It did not just spring out of the ground on Plainfield Road, but it was the product of a particular time and era, when Americans and Ohioans were truly committed to expanding access to higher education for as many people as possible.”

In the book, Gioielli shares background on why the City of Blue Ash was selected as the site for the campus, identifies key moments throughout the history of the college, and celebrates the people who made it happen, including administrators, faculty, staff and alumni. There are over 50 photos that span the history of UC Blue Ash, from the day it opened with an enrollment of 632 students, to the present-day campus that covers 135 acres and serves nearly 5,000 students.

50 Years of UC Blue Ash College is on sale in the UC Blue Ash College bookstore, located in Muntz Hall, or online at www.ucblueash.edu/50thbook.

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