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#1UC: Choosing Love in Response to a Message of Hate.



As most of you are aware, UC has agreed to allow Richard Spencer space on campus to speak. Spencer is a white supremacist who is challenging free speech laws by requesting to speak at campuses across the United States. UC President Neville Pinto has made the difficult decision to grant the request based on the first amendment, but he is leading efforts to let Spencer and others know that we condemn the racist and dehumanizing views that Spencer is attempting to spread to our University.

UC has produced and released an inspiring new video titled ‘#1UC’, featuring students, staff and faculty from all UC campuses. This video intends to promote our message of diversity, inclusion and respect for others.

This video is a reminder to all that here at UC #Wechooselove.

Additional videos are being developed by UC to support this theme and keep this conversation going; all students, faculty and staff are invited to participate. If you’re interested please contact Pete Gemmer at or 936-1632.

President Pinto intends to keep an open dialogue going concerning this upcoming event, in an effort to ensure the students, faculty and staff of UC that he stands by our core values of diversity, inclusion and respect. Read more from the office of the President:

FAQs on Spencer’s Pending Event

Board Resolution on Reaffirming our Core Values

Upholding the First Amendment

“Here I want to extend a special message of support to members of our community who feel targeted directly by Spencer. His hate only makes our love for you stronger. You are the reason this university is a first-class destination for the best and the brightest. Your difference is our strength, our pride, our purpose.” – UC President Neville Pinto

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