50th Anniversary

UC Blue Ash Welcomes Record-Breaking Freshman Class, Fall 2017


On Monday, August 21 we kicked off the 2017 fall semester at UC Blue Ash College, and we are busier than ever before!

This semester UC Blue Ash plans to welcome a record-breaking freshman class through our doors, with approximately 1,400 first-year students. Final enrollment numbers won’t be available until mid-September, but we will again be near 5,000 students for our total enrollment.

Top Feeder Schools For the Incoming Class:

  1. Lakota East High School – 81 students
  2. William Mason High School – 79 students
  3. Lakota West High School – 65 students
  4. Fairfield High School – 62 students

Students hail from more than just our local schools. This semester we are proud to welcome students from as far away as Mexico, Ghana, India, and Uzbekistan. We will have 208 international students in our classes this fall.

Most Popular Majors of the Incoming Class:

  1. Pre-Health Professions – 304 students
  2. Exploratory Studies – 269 students
  3. Pre-Business Administration – 235 students
  4. Pending Veterinary Technology – 81 students


A Year of Celebration!

This year we are excited to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of UC Blue Ash College. Our campus first opened its doors on September 25, 1967, but we are going to continue the celebration all year long. Keep an eye out for fun history facts and throwback photos of the campus on our website, stop by Tahona Kitchen, September 18-24, for our 50th Anniversary taco, get ready for 1967 dress-up day on our anniversary, and look out for tons more exciting and interesting 50th anniversary events and opportunities to learn about the rich history of our college.

Take a look at some of the smiling faces from the first day of the semester. Thanks Pete Bender for the photos! Check out our Facebook page for more photos from our first day!

About Olive Wright

Olive Wright is the Communications Intern with the Communications Department at UC Blue Ash College for the 2017-18 academic year. Look forward to seeing Olive's contributions to UCBANOW and www.ucblueash.edu all year long.