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Top 5 Places Visited by 2015 UC Blue Ash Study Abroad


This summer the UCBA Study Abroad program sponsored two trips – a two-week visit to Peru where students took a Spanish course every day and explored the history and sites related to the Inca civilization, and the one-month British Summer Study Abroad trip to England.  For that program, students could take courses on The Impact of the Beatles and Cultural Changes of the Sixties or Evolution: History and Processes.

Below are the Top 5 Exciting Places Visited by UC Blue Ash Study Abroad Students this summer and some photos from their journeys.

1. Machu Picchu – Ancient site in Peru that was believed to be the home of Inca leaders.

William Morre at Macchu Picchu

2. London, England – Home to The British Museum of Natural History.

3. Lima, Peru – The country’s bustling capital city.

4. Down House – The home of famous evolutionist, Charles Darwin.

5. Beatles Walk – The crosswalk at Abbey Road in London that was the site of the iconic photo of the band.


Students crossing the famous Abbey Road.

Check out more photos from this year’s study abroad trips Interested in participating next year? Learn more about the 2016 trips that are coming up. 

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