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Billy Johnson at Great American Ballpark

There are over 20,000 UC Blue Ash College alumni that have been able to direct their future because of their work at UC Blue Ash College. Many have landed their dream job or continued their education so that they can make it happen! Check out some of those stories below. 

Billy Johnson on how UC Blue Ash College helped him land his dream job with the Cincinnati Reds. 

Ever dream of working for the Cincinnati Reds? Billy wasn't sure if he wanted to pursue a career in sports or follow his other passion for video production. He found a way to do both. Hear from Billy about how he used the skills he learned in the Electronic Media Technology program at UC Blue Ash to land his dream job right out of college!

Eric Broyles Talks About the Individual Attention He Received at UC Blue Ash College

The distance Eric Broyles has traveled to become the success he is today is truly amazing. A successful lawyer and business person, he credits UC Blue Ash with giving him the academic skills and confidence he needed to succeed. Mr. Broyles is currently the CEO of the international investment research firm, ExpertConnect.

Kara Sanders Explains Why UC Blue Ash's Individual Attention Is What She Needed

Kara Sanders quickly found that large college classes with hundreds of students wasn't the right environment for her. She decided to attend UC Blue Ash, where she found a community that provides personal attention, small class sizes, and the environment she needed to be successful.

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Josh Goode Explains Why UC Blue Ash College Was Right For Him

One of UC Blue Ash College's youngest graduates, Josh talks about why the college was a perfect fit for him, and why he's excited to return as Alumni Council Chair.

Desiree Ramirez Explains Why UC Blue Ash Was The Right Fit For Her.

Desiree Ramirez is a successful insurance professional who began her college career at UC Blue Ash. Find out why UC Blue Ash was the right fit for her.

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