Diversity Plan and Reports

Diversity Plan

The University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College has developed a diversity and inclusion plan to be implemented at the college through fall 2019.

UCBA Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Approved by Faculty on September 27, 2018

The University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for our diverse community. We believe that learning in an inclusive environment is essential for empowering all of our students and enriching their lives. The college values the supportive intellectual community that we create as a group of individuals with different perspectives, experiences, and identities.

As a community, we aspire to practice respect in dialogue. We support the development and improvement of systems that enable unity and equity. We value the shared experiences of group members and the unique perspectives of each individual. We envision a community in which all are able to work and learn freely, without harassment or discrimination.

We see our diversity as a strength, and we aspire to continually develop as an intellectually and personally inclusive institution to prepare students to function in an increasingly diverse society.

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A few years ago, the Blue Ash College Diversity and Inclusion Committee began a discussion with the UC Chief Diversity Officer and UCBA committee members to develop a strategy to investigate these findings in more depth. In spring 2015, Make It Plain Consulting was retained to complete staff focus groups on diversity.

In fall 2015, the same consulting firm continued and completed the focus groups with faculty and students. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee appointed a sub-committee in the fall of 2015 to develop a college diversity and inclusion plan utilizing the information from the 2014 University of Cincinnati climate survey and the 2015 UC Blue Ash College focus group findings. The sub-committee was comprised of faculty, staff, and student representatives to give a comprehensive perspective.


Diversity Reports

Spring 2016 Diversity Inventory Survey Report

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Office of Multicultural Affairs Blue Ash College conducted a Diversity Inventory Survey in spring of 2016. The purpose of the survey was to help in understanding, first, the climate of diversity and inclusion at the campus and, second, the types of diversity and inclusion events occurring in the 2015-16 academic year. This survey was done online and was sent to all members of faculty and staff. The Office of Institutional Research (IR) handled the technical aspects of the survey. The survey was anonymous, which was meant to encourage respondents to provide honest and insightful feedback. The Diversity Inventory Survey report is comprised of two parts: part one is the UCBA Environmental Assessment and Part 2 is the Diversity Initiatives at UCBA.

Spring 2016 Diversity Initiative Results

Included in this report is a summary of the results from the Diversity Inventory Survey. The inventory survey report is a separate document.


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