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Disability Services

Disability Services provides assistance to students with all types of disabilities. Students may be eligible for classroom note takers, adapted testing, audio books, enlarged print, sign language interpreters, and other services as needed.

The Disability Services Office is also an information and referral center for all students, faculty and staff who have disability concerns or questions. Information can be obtained on a number of issues including; community services and resources, types of adaptive equipment, accessibility modifications for home or office, adapted sports & recreation and more.

Services We Provide

Depending on individual need and appropriate documentation, students may be eligible for the following services or accommodations:

  • Classroom note taker
  • Extended testing time
  • Reduced distraction testing room
  • Sign language interpreter
  • Computer Assisted Real-time Translation (CART) – classroom stenographer
  • Audio books and e-books
  • Test reader
  • Enlarged print
  • Permission to use tape recorder or computer in class
  • Adapted computer equipment & software
  • Assistance with scheduling classes
  • Priority scheduling
  • Excused medical absence
  • Scribe
  • Basic tutoring, guidance and counseling
  • Voice recognition software training


How To Qualify For Services

Disability Services provides services to students with disabilities who are otherwise qualified to participate in a specific course, program, or activity. Students are encouraged to use these services as a support to their own efforts.

With proper documentation, the following students may be eligible to receive services:

  • Students who received disability services in high school
  • Vocational rehabilitation clients
  • Students who have psychological, educational, or medical reports indicating the need for disability support services.

It is the student's responsibility to obtain appropriate documentation. Use the Verification of Disability form to aid you in procuring the correct information from your diagnostic provider If you believe you have a learning disability that has not been diagnosed, testing may be available through the Psychological Services Center on the Clifton Campus (556-0648).

Voter Registration

The following sites (offices) at the University of Cincinnati shall operate as voter registration sites for students and other persons with disabilities affiliated with the University:

UC – Blue Ash College

Disability Services Office
9555 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236-1096
Tel: (513) 792-8625
Fax: (513) 792-8624

UC – Clifton Campus

Disability Services Office
210 University Pavilion
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0213
Tel: (513) 556-6823
Fax: (513) 556-1383

UC – Clermont College

Disability Services Office
Enrollment & Student Services
4200 Clermont College Dr.
Batavia, Ohio 45103
Tel: (513) 732-5327
Fax: (513) 732-5303