Hire a UC Blue Ash Student

Employers - There are many different opportunities to employ UC Blue Ash College Students. Interested in hiring a student full-time in an entry-level position or more? We have graduates from nearly 50 degree and ceritficate programs. Or maybe you have convenient part-time wrk avialbe to students still working toward their degrees. 

Hire A UC Blue Ash Student

If you want to reach out to students or graduates, you can post your positions on UC’s student job board at any time. Below is the website for posting a job and a guide that was set up to help businesses.

Hire UC Guide for Employers | Hire UC website


Full-Time Positions

UC Blue Ash College graduates students from nearly 50 degrees or programs. Many prepare them to enter the worksforce directly after completion. Have a position that you think UC Blue Ash College students would be right for? Learn more about posting your full-time positions. 


Part-Time Positions

A large amount of UC Blue Ash College students work part-time while they plug away towards receiving their degree. Hiring UCBA students part-time can help you solve your staffing needs, while also helping support students financially.


Internship Positions

The UC Blue Ash Internship Program seeks to connect students with employers in the field of their interest. Students will not only receive academic credit for doing an internship, they will also make valuable contacts in the professional world and have the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to a work environment.

Student Recruitment Tables for Businesses and Corporations

Businesses may schedule up to 2 dates per semester to reserve a date and space on campus for student recruitment job opportunities.  Confirmation of dates selected must be confirmed at least one week in advance.  Each date will be limited to the participation of 6 businesses. Businesses can request a date on the link below:

Schedule Student Recruitment Tables for Business and Corporations

The hall nearest the Community Commons in Muntz Hall will be the location for all student recruitment for job opportunities events.  One table and two chairs will be provided for each business.  

Fall 2017 Schedule Coming

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