Blue Ash Review Visiting and Featured Artists

Award-winning authors of poetry and prose featured in the Blue Ash Review have recently included:

Cathy Smith Bowers, A Book of Minutes, Traveling in a Time of Danger, The Love That Ended

                Yesterday in Texas  and

e.E. Charlton-Trujillo
, YA author of Fat Angie, Feels Like Home, Prizefighter en Mi Casa;

director and filmmaker  and

John Drury, The Disappearing Town, Burning the Aspern Papers, The Refugee Camp, Sea Level


Richard Hague, Regarding the Recent Extinctions, Public Hearings, Lives of the Poem, Garden,

                Alive in Hard Country

Pauletta Hansel, What I Did There, Tangle, The Lives We Live in Houses, First Person, Divining


Michael Henson, The Way the World Is: The Maggie Boylan Stories, Tommy Perdue, A Small

                Room with Trouble on My Mind, Crow Call, The Tao of Longing


Benjamin Hughes
, performance poet and activist; Look for him on Facebook!

P. Andrew Miller,
The Legacy of the Turquoise Knight

Bea Opengart
, In the Land, This Day, Erotica  and

Robert Shetterly, poet and artist, Americans Who Tell the Truth portrait series

Sherry Cook Stanforth, Drone String

Gary Walton, Full Moon: The Melissa Moon Poems, Effervescent Softsell, Cobwebs and

                Chimera, Prince of Sin City, The Millennium Reel  and 


Dana Wildsmith, Back to Abnormal: Surviving with an Old Farm in the New South, One Good

                Hand  and

Scott Woods, performance poet and Poetry Slam Leader

Carolyne Wright, Seasons of Mangoes and Brainfire, In Order to Talk with the Dead, A Change of Maps, Mania Klepto: The Book of Eulene, co-editor, Raising Lilly Ledbetter: Women Occupy the Work Space

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