UC Blue Ash Parking Permits

Free Parking Passes Available For Pickup

Parking Permit
  • All students are required to obtain a new Academic (2017-2018) parking permit.
  • New decals are WHITE WITH RED SQUARES AND RED TEXT. The old red parking passes are expired.
  • Parking permits are now REQUIRED or you may be ticketed
  • There is no cost for the permit
  • Only students currently taking a course on UC Blue Ash campus can attain a permit.
  • We honor any Clifton parking permits purchased for the Clifton campus so attaining two permits is not necessary.

New permits are available for pickup at the UC Blue Ash College One Stop Student Service Center in Muntz Hall

Student Permit Information

A Student Parking Permit allows for parking in the White-Lined Parking Stalls located in all of the UCBA Parking lots.

Parking permits will be required for all vehicles parking on the UCBA campus. All student permits issued in previous academic years are considered expired.  The cost for the new parking permit is already built into your student fees, so you do not need to make a payment when you pick it up.  

Please bring your student ID to the One Stop Student Service Center in Muntz 150 to get your permit. 

All current/valid Clifton parking permits will be honored on the UCBA campus.  

After receiving a parking permit, students may park in any of the stalls in UC Blue Ash lots marked for students (white lines). Tickets will be issued to students or visitors parking in yellow (faculty/staff) or green (clinic patient) parking spaces. You will also receive a ticket if you park in a disability parking space without proper identification on your vehicle.

All Ohio traffic rules and regulations are applicable and university security personnel regularly patrol the parking lots. If you have questions about parking policies, please contact the Dean's Office at (513) 745-5660 or parking@ucblueash.edu

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Adjunct Faculty / Temporary Employees Permit Information:

Adjunct Instructors and Temporary employees must pay for a parking permit each semester that they are on campus. Each parking permit is valid for only one semester and has an expiration date. These permits allow for parking in the yellow-lined stalls. You MUST display your decal or you may receive a ticket. The cost is as follows:

If you are teaching 6 or less credit hours: You pay $11.00.
If you are teaching 7 or more credit hours: You pay $22.00.

You may purchase your permit in the dean's suite Muntz Room 140. Check/Money Order/Exact Change Cash is accepted. A parking permit application is also mailed with your teaching contract. Feel free to return your application and payment in the envelope with your signed contact. Your permit will be placed in your campus mailbox if you choose to do this.

Adjuncts MAY NOT park in the white-lined stalls to avoid paying for a permit. The white-lined spots are reserved for students. If an adjunct is found parking in the student spots, this is a ticketable offense.

Full-Time Faculty/Staff Permit Information

Full-time faculty and staff may pick up their parking permits in the Dean's suite, Muntz room 140. These permits do not expire as long as you are an employee.

The cost for the permit is $10.00 a month. (No exceptions except Emeritus employees.)

This is automatically deducted from your salary regardless of whether you have picked up a permit or not, so be sure to pick up your permit today!

Full-Time Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Application

These permits allow for parking in the yellow-lined parking stalls. You MUST display your decal or you may receive a ticket. 

Contact Information

Muntz Hall • Room 140
Phone: (513) 745-5660
Email: parking@ucblueash.edu