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UC Blue Ash College Staff Mentoring Program


UC Blue Ash College staff are invited to participate in this informal mentorship program for the 2017-2018 academic year. We are seeking both mentees and mentors interested in participating, and applications are open so apply now!

The UC Blue Ash College Staff Mentoring Program pairs employees in a mentoring relationship to foster professional development and career growth while building an inclusive culture and diverse networks.

Mentorship Program Details

Length of the Program

The recommended time frame of each mentoring partnership is six months. However, continuation of the mentoring relationship will be up to the discretion of the mentoring pair.

Suggested Expectations, Goals, and Outcomes

The mentoring pair will determine the structure, goals, and outcomes for the mentoring cycle. However, some goals may include, increasing organizational/career knowledge, enhance professional skills, and/or establish networking opportunities.

Activities should be planned during the normal workday, so please work with your manager regarding scheduling needs in your department.  

How to get started

To get started you must first complete an interest form and receive approval from your supervisor. Descriptions of the mentor and mentee roles and the interest forms are provided on this page. 

Informal Mentorship

What is Informal Mentorship?

Informal mentoring is a strong and valuable tool for developing an employee. It occurs in a relationship that is voluntary and formed by both persons. It is friendship first, learning and career second and third.

Informal mentors provide higher amount of several types of career development functions including: coaching, providing challenging assignments, or increasing the protégé’s exposure and visibility.

Tenants of Informal Mentorship

  • Unspecified organizational goals
  • Long-term mentoring
  • No expert training or support
  • Indirect organizational benefits

*Source: Journal of Leadership Education, Vol 4, Issue 1, 2005

Being a Mentor

Potential mentors can be any eligible member of the UCBA staff who has been an employee of the university for at least two years. A written recommendation from the potential mentor’s manager will be required prior to participation.  A minimum rating of 2.8 (Accomplished) on the most recent performance review is also required.

Potential mentors should possess the following characteristics:

  • Leadership qualities
  • People oriented behavior
  • Knowledge of UCBA’s mission and values
  • Commitment to developing staff and assisting others to be successful

How to Participate as a Mentor

Potential mentors should begin the process by completing an interest form, which will require approval from your supervisor. The forms will be used by UCBA HR to pair mentees and mentors.

Being a Mentee

Potential mentees can be any eligible member of UCBA staff who has been an employee of the university for at least six months. Written approval will be required from the potential mentee’s manager prior to participation.

How to Participate as a Mentee

Potential mentees should begin the process by completing an interest form. The forms will be used by UCBA HR to pair mentees and mentors, and request approvals from your supervisor.