Online Teaching

Teaching online requires the same art as face to face teaching, but it requires a different set of technical skills and intuition to realize that art in the technology mediated environment of an online class.  In fact, even many of our face to face classes have online components.  Both students and teachers need to be prepared for learning in the online environment. 

In the 2012-2013 academic year, we will be offering one seminar each term in Distance Learning Design that we will be offering online.  Here is the seminar outline.  The seminar will be eight weeks long, with the first seven being exclusively online.  The last meeting is an all day peer review of the course you have been working on during the seminar. The goal is to have an online course fully developed, peer reviewed, and ready to go by the end of the session. To register for this seminar, contact Robin Lighter

Research in Distance Learning

Here what the research says about online learning:

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