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Here are the tutorials and guides provided by Blackboard at their help center.

Video Walkthroughs

Here are short tutorials on getting started with the basics of Blackboard. Click on the white triangle that appears in the center of the screen to play the video. Scroll your mouse over the bottom of the video to get the playback bar.  On the lower right corner, click on the screen icon to get full screen display. These tutorials are made with Blackboard Version 9.1. 

Blackboard Being Slow?

BB V. 9 is generally slower than BB V. 8 because there are a lot more background scripts running. You may need to upgrade your web browser to it's most recent available version, so that it can cope with all things Blackboard asks it to do. 

Can't Find What You Need?

Can't find a tutorial you need on this site? Email, explain what you need, and we will be happy to assist you.

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