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UC Blue Ash Professor Making Waves with New Book


A new book by University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College English professor, Rhonda Pettit is receiving critical acclaim from noted poets around the country.

Riding the Wave Train is the latest book of poetry produced by Pettit, who makes her home in Northern Kentucky.

Wave Train Cover

The cover of “Wave Train” A new book by University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College English professor, Rhonda Pettit

“’Wave train’ is a term used in the sciences that refers to a succession of waves occurring at periodic intervals and traveling in the same direction, especially a group of waves of limited duration,” says Pettit. “The book could be read as an innocence to experience narrative, though at times experience invades the innocence stage. It might also be seen as movement from the personal world to the public one.”

The book is receiving very positive reviews from noted poets, including Cathy Smith Bowers, the 2010-12 Poet Laureate of North Carolina, who highlights a passage from one of the poems.

‘I was the grand-daddy long-legs thrown hard against the garage door today, and I was the hand that threw it.’ “Thus concludes one of the most stunning poems in Rhonda Pettit’s new collection Riding the Wave Train,” says Smith Bowers. “As exquisitely structured as it is lyrically compelling, this book is a must have for lovers of fresh, original, insightful poetry.”

This is the second book of poetry that Pettit has published; she also serves as the contributing poetry editor for various publications and has developed programs and events to keep the interest in poetry alive, both at the college and in area high schools.

“At a time in our history when verifiable facts can be called “fake news,” we need more than ever the kind of authentic truth that poetry can give us — whether it’s about a single moment in an individual’s personal life, or a response to a larger social concern” says Pettit. “Personal honesty and authenticity set the stage for public honesty and authenticity. Poetry cleanses and clarifies.”

Pettit will be featured, along with other local poets, during a book signing at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Crestview Hills on September 26 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. The book is also available for purchase online at

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