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Spring 2017 Course Evaluations Now Available


Your Opinion Matters.

Now many of you can share course feedback online!

Hey UCBA Students – As a student at UC Blue Ash, your input and feedback are important to helping us continue in our commitment to provide exceptional teaching and high-quality academic programs. In your courses, your professor will provide an opportunity to complete paper evaluations (in person) or via online evaluations. Since we’ve increased the number of online evaluations we are doing this term, we wanted to be sure you knew how important it is to provide feedback for your courses—we would like to have most of you completing these forms in each course.  Please complete the online evaluations for your courses via CoursEval in Blackboard or by clicking the link below.

Click to Complete Online Evaluations

Online course evaluations are available through April 23, 2017 only.

Online evaluations are not available for all courses. Check the CoursEval link on your Blackboard site to see if they are available for your courses. 

Some Important Facts About Online Evaluations

It’s an anonymous process

  • The content is gathered by an independent organization and the comments are combined into a larger group.
  • The professors only see the comments  and rating numbers, no names or ID numbers are included.

Your feedback makes a difference

  • It helps us develop action plans that enhance our curriculum and the way we teach. Your input is appreciated
  • We respect your thoughts and insight. We want to hear from you.

Click to Complete Online Evaluations

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UC Blue Ash College is a regional college within the University of Cincinnati. It offers one of the best values in higher education with access to a nationally recognized UC education in nearly 50 degrees and certificates, as well as tuition that is about half of most colleges and universities. The college is located on a scenic 135-acre wooded campus in the heart of Blue Ash, Ohio.