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UC Blue Ash College Health Program Selective Admissions

Selective Admissions Application for Fall 2015 is now closed. 

Incoming students who wish to pursue these health programs should apply through UC admissions to be admitted to UC Blue Ash College and the Pre-Health Professions, non-degree program.

The application period for selective admission to the dental hygiene, nursing, radiologic technology program for Fall Semester 2015 is December 19, 2014 through March 1, 2015.

Students who do not meet the minimum criteria for applying to these health programs can remain in the Pre-Health Professions program and take the course(s) required for the selective admission application. Students in Pre-Health Professions may also take general education courses required in these programs, as long as they do not exceed 30 credit hours.

Minimum Requirements for Nursing and Radiologic Technology Programs:

The minimum requirements for application to these health programs includes confirmed admission to the University of Cincinnati and specific levels of achievement in biology, chemistry, math, English and grade point average (GPA).  See the chart at the link below for the details regarding these minimum requirements.  If you have questions, please see your assigned academic adviser for guidance. 

Selective Admission Criteria

In addition, each program has a specific set of selective criteria that will be considered by an admissions committee to determine the most qualified students to be admitted to the program.

Dental Hygiene:

Selective admission criteria include high school biology or college equivalent, high school chemistry or college equivalent, current cumulative GPA (high school or college), and essay (quality of content and context).

Nursing Technology: 

The program admission committee will then review the academic records, reflective essays, and Nursing Admission Test scores.

Radiologic Technology:

Selective admission criteria include ACT or SAT scores, level of achievement in specific high school and/or college courses, an essay demonstrating evidence ability to manage adversity and a presentation demonstrating plans for career goal achievement.

Selective Admission Process

Students who meet the selective admission criteria are encouraged to apply to the health program(s) of their choice via the electronic application available before March 01, 2015. In preparation for the electronic application, students should have the following required documents and information available.

  1. Do you meet the minimum requirements for admission to the health program?  If you have not met these minimum requirements, you are not eligible to apply to the program. Please see your academic advisor.

  2. Is all of your demographic information (address, telephone numbers, etc.) up-to-date in the UC system?  If your information is not up to date go to the One Stop link provided here to update demographic information.

  3. Information needed includes the UCID#/M#, last name, first name, middle name, UC email address, last year of high school, and names of previously attended colleges/universities.

  4. Electronic files for program specific essay(s) and/or observations are needed.  See program links for details regarding program specific requirements. Dental HygieneNursing Requirements | Radiologic Technology Requirements

Once you have the necessary resources and information prepared you can click on the link below to begin your application. Only complete applications will be considered.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Additional Important Information

  1. Application to these health programs does not guarantee admission and students can apply to any one selective admission program only twice.
    1. Students who meet minimum qualifications by March 1, 2015 will be considered for early decision admission and may be notified of acceptance by March/April.
    2. Early decision students must confirm their acceptance to the program in writing by March/April to ensure a space in the class.
    3. All other applicants will be considered for regular decision admission and will be notified by May/June 2015.

  2. Students who do not return the acceptance form by the date listed in their letter/email will be removed from the admission list and their space will be offered to the next most qualified student.

  3. Following acceptance to the health programs, students must meet the following requirements:  
    1. attend mandatory orientation sessions
    2. purchase appropriate uniforms, supplies, and educational materials
    3. document current immunizations
    4. document health care provider CPR certification
    5. arrange for personal transportation to and from clinical sites
    6. undergo background checks and drug testing as may be required by the program or the clinical site
    7. meet additional program specific requirements, See program information for details:
      1. Dental Hygiene Technology Program | Dental Hygiene Requirements
      2. Nursing Technology Program | Nursing Requirements
      3. Radiologic Technology Program | Radiologic Technology Requirements

Dental Hygiene Program Questions

Walters Hall • Room 189
Phone: (513) 745-5635

Nursing Technology Program Questions

Walters Hall • Room 289
Phone: (513) 745-5665

Radiologic Technology Program Questions

Allied Health Department
Walters Hall • Room 104
Phone: (513) 936-1631