Placement Test Preparation

UC Blue Ash College has prepared a set of guides and tutorials to help students prepare for the English and math placement tests. The free resources are also designed to help students get ready for college in general. 

What You'll Find in the Free Open Education Tutorials

Guides for the English Placement Test

  • Introduction Survey - This survey asks questions about your background in English and your confidence in your skills.
  • What to expect on the English Placement test
  • Working with reading materials
  • Reflecting on your writing
  • Practice English placement tests
  • Sample scoring rubric for the placement test

Guides for the Math Placement Test

  • Chart of the mathematics courses offered at UC Blue Ash. 
  • Practice Placement Tests
  • Review of the fundamentals of Algebra
  • Review in Math Literacy
  • Course on Introductory Algebra
  • Course on Intermediate Algebra

Additional Tutorials and Resources Included

In addition to the resources included directly to help with the math and English placement tests, there are additional resources on topics in biology and chemistry that students can review.

Get Started with The Free Preparation Materials

The following link will take you to the Open Education Blackboard Portal. In order to access the materials, students need to enroll in the course, and sign-up for a blackboard account.

In addition, students should have completed applying to UC Blue Ash College before accessing these resources. 

Contact Information

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