CCP Sample Pathways and General Education Classes

Students that are accepted into the CCP program are able to take 30 credit hours per academic year. Students are not obligated to take any classes once they are accepted, and may elect to take only one class (in either the Fall or Spring term) or to take all of their classes with UC Blue Ash College. The goals of the program is to give students options to help build the education they need and desire.

Classes Offered to CCP Participants

If pre and co-requisites are met, students may take many of the classes listed for UC Blue Ash College keeping in mind the following aspects:

  • High school requirements for graduation are of prime importance. Students need to communicate with their high school counselors through both meetings and email communications to be sure the class scheduling is correct for graduation from high school. 
  • For college courses for particular programs, students will need to check the UC Blue Ash College’s Program Guides and print the Curriculum Guide in each program to find the classes needed.
  • For questions not in the UCBA Program Guides, please email: As stated above, pre and co- requisites must be met. Pay careful attention to course descriptions and yellow triangle alerts. 
  • Evening and Saturday classes as well as online classes are allowed.

General Education Classes for College Credit Plus Students

Examples of general education classes

Here are a few examples of general education classes that many high school students take (be sure to check with high school counselors and the specific UCBA Program Guides.

Click here to view the schedule of classes (make sure to click the offering drop down, and select "Blue Ash College" as Offering College, and select all sessions. 

 at and email: with questions):
  1. ENGL 1001=English 1001-English Composition: This is the class that you must place/qualify into to meet the state mandate of no remediation classes; therefore, students may not take a lower level English class.
  2. COMM 1071=Introduction to Public Speaking
  3. ECON 1001=Introduction to Microeconomics
  4. HIST 1001/1002= United States History I or II
  5. Math= Must place/qualify with a score of 420-see chart
  6. POL 1010= Introduction to American Politics (Often used for American Government HS requirement)
  7. PSYC 1001= Introduction to Psychology
  8. SOC 1001= Introduction to Sociology

Math Placement Test Scores

CCP Student's score on the Math Placement Test determine which math class they qualify for. Refer to the following chart. Click here to learn more about placement tests.

Placement Test Scores

Math Classes


MATH 1061 Calculus I


MATH 1044 Applied Calculus I


MATH 1071 Intro to Discrete Math


MATH 1026 Pre-Calculus


MATH 1022 Trigonometry


MATH 1021 College Algebra


STAT 1034 Elementary Statistics I


STAT 1031 Intro to Statistics

Sample Model Pathways for College Credit Plus Students

UC Blue Ash College offers both Transition Programs, (where students will need to complete two more years to gte a bachelors degree,) or Career Programs, (where students will be able to start their career after graduating with an Associate's Degree from UC Blue Ash College). 

Below we have provided sample model pathways for both Liberal Arts and Psychology for 15 and 30 credit hours. Both are considered Transition Programs.

For UC Blue Ash College's list of nearly 50 programs see our Program Chart.

Liberal Arts Model Pathways

Liberal Arts Pathway Sample 15 Credit Hour:

1.  3 cr hrs ENGL1001, English Composition, EC

2.  3 cr hrs History Survey I (HIST 1001 or 1003 or 1005), HP

3.  3 cr hrs Foreign Language I, HU (ALS-American Sign Language is a choice)

4.  3 cr hrs Math (see math placement chart)

5.  3 cr hrs Natural Sciences I, NS

Liberal Arts Model Pathway Sample 30* Credit Hour:

In combination with the previous 15 Credit Hour Pathway

6.  3 cr hrs Humanities & Literature, HU

7.  3 cr hrs, Contemporary Topics SE or TI, SE, TI

8.  3 cr hrs Foreign Language II, HU

9.  3 cr hrs History Survey II (HIST 1002 or 1004 or 1006),HP

10.  3 cr hrs Quantative Reasoning II (Continues Math 100 and above or Stat)

Pyschology Model Pathways

Psychology Model Pathway Sample 15 Credit Hour:

1.  3 cr hrs  ENGL1001, English Composition, EC

2.  3 cr hrs  PSYC1001, Introduction to Psychology, SS, 3

3.  3 cr hrs Foreign Language I, DC (ALS-American Sign Language is a choice)

4.  3 cr hrs Math (see math placement chart)

5.  3 cr hrs  History Survey I (HIST 1001 or 1003 or 1005), HP

Psychology Model Pathway Sample 30* Credit Hour:

In combination with the previous 15 Credit Hour Pathway

6.  3 cr hrs  General Education: Humanities & Literature, HU

7.  3 cr hrs  General Education: Social & Ethical Issues or Technology & Innovation, SE, TI

8.  3 cr hrs  Sociology elective (must be Sociology), SS

9.  3 cr hrs  Foreign Language II, DC

10.3 cr hrs  General Education Historical Perspectives, HP or Natural Science, NS


Breadth of Knowledge Abbreviations:

  • Two letter symbols at the end of most classes listed above 
  • On the Class Schedule (see website information below, click on General Education and then select from the lists to the right to find the classes to meet the above requirements that do not have specific course information 
  • These are also listed in each class description on the Class Schedule

DC - Diversity & Culture

EC - English Composition

FA - Fine Arts

HP - Historical Perspectives

HU - Humanities & Literature

NS - Natural Sciences

QR - Quantitative Reasoning

SE - Social & Ethical Issues

SS - Social Sciences

TI - Technology & Innovation

Additional Class Information

  1. For additional class information, click here to view class offerings.
  2. Select Term, Session, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: Offering College, click BLUE ASH COLLEGE
  3. In addition, if you are long for Breadth of Knowledge click: General Education and select one of the above “Breadth of Knowledge” abbreviations to find specific classes

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