College Credit Plus Nonpublic and Home School Information

Non­public, Non-charted Nonpublic, and Home Schooled Participation


The requirements, forms, and dates are still being updated by the State of Ohio and should be made available on by mid-February.

Nonpublic, non-chartered nonpublic, and home schooled students may participate by following additional procedures. Funding awarded regulates the number of credit hours. For funding, a letter will need to be on file at the Ohio Department of Education as well as UCBA, CCP Admission’s office. Your student will be placed in Option A until this letter is received and on file with the limited number of credit hours allotted to the student for participation.

To apply for CCP, these students must do the additional steps for the Ohio Department of education listed below. Updated information and dates  will be made available at by mid February, 2016.

1. Submit to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) an intent -­to-participate letter.
2. Mail to ODE Center for School Options and Finance an application for Non-­Public Student Participation in College Credit Plus (CCP) Option B.

  • All applications must be mailed to ODE. Deadline and requirements still coming and will be made available at by mid February, 2016.
  • Applications are not accepted in person, at area offices, or at the ODE office in Columbus.  
  • Applications must be fully completed to be considered for funding in this program.  
  • Applications not fully completed will be denied.  
    The application form must include signatures by the student, parent, high school guidance counselor, and college official before the application is processed.  

ODE will mail an award offer to all eligible non-­public school students. UC Blue Ash CCP students MUST email a scanned, copy to:

Award Offer Limitations and Additional Costs

If students decide to take more classes than awarded from the state for participating in the College Credit Plus program, students/families will be required to pay the standard per-credit-hour fee of the college. View rates

Example costs to expect in the CCP program:

  • Tuition (for additional  classes over the award offer limit)
  • Books
  • Course materials

Application Deadline for Funding from the Ohio Department Of Education

Nonpublic and Homeschool students interested in funding must apply for the program by the UC Blue Ash College CCP Summer deadline (March 1, 2016) regardless of when student plans on taking courses to meet the state’s mandatory deadline. Learn more at the Ohio Department of education website at


Students must check with UC Blue Ash CCP contact Pamela Bauer to see if the letter has been sent to UCBA and is on file. This is a student responsibility.

For additional information about non-­public school participation, please contact Wendy Cantrell at

Home Schooled Students Additional Requirements

Students who were home schooled follow the same process as all other CCP applicants, plus some additional requirements.

To be considered, home-schooled students must also submit the following with their application materials:

  • a detailed curriculum, including course content descriptions
  • a copy of the superintendent release form authorizing the home-schooling (Ohio students only, as required by the State of Ohio)
  • other documentation upon request



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