CCP Guidelines & Costs

Ohio Revised Code / Board of Regents Guidelines

1: Costs

  • No participant that is enrolled in a public college shall be charged for any tuition, textbooks, or other fees related to participation in the program
  • The participant's secondary school shall pay for textbooks, and the college shall waive payment of all other fees related to participation in the program. Please note that the state mentions ONLY textbooks and not other supplies needed for the course
  • Reimbursement will need to made if the participant has not attained a passing final grade in a college course. Reimbursement will be from the participant or the participant's parent for the amount of state funds paid to the college.
  • Students will need to follow the UCBA deadlines and procedures for registering and withdrawing from a college courses, so no additional costs will occur to the students and their parents. Detailed information about these deadlines and procedures is part of the mandatory UC Blue Ash College Credit Plus Orientation.

2: Information and Counseling

  • By March 1, high schools must provide information about CCP to students in grades sixth through eleven.
  • By April 1, students who want to participate in CCP must notify their respective high schools of their intention.
  • Between March 1 and March 30, high schools must counsel students and their parents/legal guardians about the benefits and risks associated with participation in CCP.

3: Enrollment Options

Students participating in CCP can pursue one of two enrollment options: Option A or Option B.

  • CCP Option A – permits eligible students to enroll in college courses for either college credit only or high school and college credit.  Students selecting this option will be required to pay all costs incurred, including tuition, fees, books, and materials. Payment in full will be required with the request to register for courses.

  • CCP Option B – permits eligible students to enroll in college courses for college and high school credit concurrently.  Students electing this option will not be required to pay for tuition, fees, books, and required supplies. School districts will recover all costs from the student/parent incurred when and if a student fails to complete a college course, whether through a formal “class-­?drop” process or non-­?attendance other than for reasons generally accepted by the school district.

4: Non­public, Non-charted Nonpublic, and Home Schooled Participation

NOTE:The following guidelines for Non-Public School participation are NOT official. Awaiting updated guidelines from the Ohio Board of Regents.

Nonpublic, non-chartered nonpublic, and home schooled students may participate by following additional procedures. Funding awarded regulates the number of credit hours. For funding, a letter will need to be on file at the Ohio Department of Education as well as UCBA, CCP Admission’s office. Your student will be placed in Option A until this letter is received and on file with the limited number of credit hours allotted to the student for participation.

To apply for CCP, non-­public high school students must do the following:

1. By April 1, submit to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) an intent -­to-participate letter. ODE mails these letters to all non-­public schools by March 1.
2. Mail to ODE Center for School Options and Finance an application for Non-­Public Student Participation in College Credit Plus (CCP) Option B.

  • All applications must be mailed to ODE and postmarked no later than June 15. The  application  will  not  
    be  accepted by ODE if postmarked prior to May 15 or after June  15.  
  • Applications are not accepted in person, at area offices, or at the ODE office in Columbus.  
  • Applications must be fully completed to be considered for funding in this program.  
  • Applications not fully completed will be denied.  
    The application form must include signatures by the student, parent, high school guidance counselor, and college official before the application is processed.  

By mid-­April, ODE will both post the application on its website and mail multiple applications to the chief administrator at every non¬public, non-charted nonpublic, and home schooled students.

By July  7, ODE will mail an award offer to all eligible non-­public school students.


Students must check with UC Blue Ash CCP contact Pamela Baue to see if the letter has been sent to UCBA and is on file. This is a student responsibility!

For additional information about non-­public school participation, please contact Wendy Cantrell at

UCBA Guidelines

In addition to satisfying the guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Education, CCP students must also meet the eligibility and academic requirements established by UC Blue Ash College. The following is an overview. A Student Handbook with detailed information will be given during the mandatory UCBA CCP Orientation.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in CCP through UCBA, students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Verify he/she is in good academic and disciplinary standing in high school
  • Reside with a parent/legal guardian within commuting distance of UCBA since most online courses have some face-to-face requirements
  • Meet the Ohio residency requirements for tuition purposes
  • Take the UCBA math and English Qualifying/Placement Test and place into college-level English Composition I and score 420 or higher on the UCBA Math Test
    • NOTE: Scores are final and you cannot re-test
  • Grade Point Average (GPA): Under current rules, UCBA may no longer require a GPA. Please note and be aware that under the old PSEOP guidelines, UCBA previously required a 3.2 UNWEIGHTED GPA.

*Rising 6-8th graders must submit an official copy of their middle school grades and most recent report card

Program Continuation (Dismissal Policies)

UCBA expects CCP students to satisfy the following requirements to remain in the program:

Academic Requirements

  • CCP students must maintain a 2.0 term and cumulative GPA at UCBA.  Failure to do so will result in their dismissal from CCP.
  • CCP students will also be dismissed from the CCP program and must repay their high school if they receive a “F”, “U”, “T”, “I”, “I/F”, “W”, “WX”, “UW”, “X”, “NP”, “NG,” “IP”, “SP”, or “UP” (i.e. only “A,B,C, or D” grades are accepted.  All other grades listed above must be repaid to taxpayers).   The student must also repay the high school for classes dropped after the 100% refund period.
  • The students must also repay the high school for classes dropped after the 100% refund period.
  • Students must register for at least one course BEFORE school starts, or be responsible for the $25.00 late fee.

Attendance Requirements

CCP students must follow the attendance policies established by the instructors for the courses in which they enroll.  Students must also attend their UCBA classes even when these classes conflict with high school breaks, holidays, and extracurricular activities.

Student Conduct Requirements

CCP students must maintain good disciplinary standing in their high school as well as at UCBA.  Failure to do so could result in their dismissal from CCP.



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