College Credit Plus Qualifying/Placement Tests

Students interested in College Credit Plus must go through a qualifying step to assess if they are likely to be prepared to handle UC Blue Ash College coursework. This can be achieved through a number of different ways, which are described here. Applicants may not be able to participate in CCP at UC Blue Ash if they do not supply one of the accepted methods to prove proficiency in Math and in English, or if they do not achieve the necessary scores on the placement tests. 

Please Note: for Summer 2017, Fall 2017, and Spring 208, ACT and SAT scores will no longer be accepted as proof of proficiency. New CCP students must either provide proof of relevant CCP transfer credit or score high enough on the UC Blue Ash College English and Math placement tests, as well as the Accuplacer reading test.

Methods of Qualification

There are few methods that students can use to prove that they meet the qualifications necessary to participate in CCP. CCP students need to prove their efficiency in English, Math, and possibly foreign language if they intend to take foreign language courses.

Ways to satisfy the Math proficiency requirement:

  • Score 420 or higher on the UC Blue Ash Math placement test
  • Provide relevant CCP transfer credit from another college

Ways to satisfy the English proficiency requirement:

  • Score 5 or higher on the UC Blue Ash English placement test
  • Provide relevant CCP transfer credit from another college

Proficiency Testing Using Placement Tests

Most students looking to participate in CCP at UC Blue Ash will need to take the Math and English placement tests to prove proficiency in English and Math, unless they are able to provide documented evidence using one of methods previously mentioned. They will also have to complete the Accuplacer reading test. All these tests will be administered to new CCP students at their mandatory CCP Processing event.  

CCP Math Placement Test

  • This test is on the computer and is self-generated.  This means that as long as you are answering questions correctly, the test will keep going.
  • There is no time limit; however, the average length of time is 45 minutes
  • No calculators are allowed
  • The Math Placement Test can only be taken ONCE by CCP students

Placement Test Scores

Suggested Math Course


MATH 1061 Calculus I


MATH 1044 Applied Calculus I


MATH 1071 Intro to Discrete Math


MATH 1026 Pre-Calculus


MATH 1022 Trigonometry


MATH 1021 College Algebra


STAT 1034 Elementary Statistics I


STAT 1031 Intro to Statistics

Below 420

 Score does not qualify student for CCP

Note: Students must show qualification for BOTH Math and English even if they do not intend to take certain courses.

CCP English Placement Test

The English placement test is designed to measure your reading and writing skills to determine the best beginning English course for your academic success.

The English placement test is not an objective test. It consists of four steps:

  1. Reading the honor code.
  2. Reading an assigned article. 
  3. Composing a Word document that includes:
    • A one-paragraph summary of the assigned article.
    • A multi-paragraph essay responding to the arguments in the assigned article.
    • A reflective paragraph about the strengths and weakness in your writing.
  4. Submitting/uploading the Word document.
    1. This test consists of reading a prompt and a typed response.
    2. There is a 75 minute time limit

Evaluation Process for English Placement Test

Your English placement test will be evaluated on your ability to:

  1. Follow directions
  2. Understand and summarize the article
  3. Express your ideas clearly and appropriately for your audience
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of paragraph and essay structure
  5. Support your ideas with specific examples and details
  6. Use standard formal English

Registering for the Placement Tests

While completing the online CCP application, new CCP students will register for a mandatory CCP Processing Event where all proficiency testing will take place.

CCP Transfer Credit Qualification

If a student has already completed College Credit Plus courses at another college or university, that credit can be used to show proficiency.

Students need to have the college submit an official transcript as a part of the CCP enrollment process.

Not Meeting Qualifications

If a student does not achieve the necessary scores on either the English or Math placement tests and cannot provide evidence of proficiency, they will not be able to participate in CCP for that academic year at UC Blue Ash.

  • Students are notified immediately after math placement tests, and by email after the English placement test has been reviewed to let them know their score and if they qualify.
  • Students must prove qualifications for BOTH Math and English regardless of what courses they intend to take. (For example, students that qualify for math but not in English will not be accepted, even for just math coursework.)
  • Placement tests can only be taken by CCP students once every academic year. If your scores are not high enough, you will have to wait until Summer 2017 at the earliest to start CCP at UC Blue Ash.

If you have any questions about qualifications, and what your options are, feel free to contact UC Blue Ash Admissions at

Possible Foreign Language Qualification

CCP students looking to take courses in a foreign language must take the foreign language placement test prior to registering for a foreign language class. The placement test results include the course for which the student can register.

CCP Students interested in taking foreign language courses should contact Deborah Page, for more information. 

Contact Information

Admission Office - Pamela Bauer
Phone: (513) 936-1697