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CCP - College Credit Plus Program

The goal of the College Credit Plus program at UC Blue Ash College is to give 7-12 grade students options in their education.

The College Credit Plus Program was established to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students in grades 7-12. Students will earn both high school and transcripted college credit. Each college has different requirements, and different application processes that must be completed in order to participate. UC Blue Ash College (UCBA) is participating in the “Courses Offered on College Campus” CCP option. Classes are available only through UCBA, on campus or online during weekdays, evenings or Saturdays.

Upcoming College Credit Plus Information Sessions

Students and their families are invited to attend one of the upcoming information sessions at UC Blue Ash College to learn about the enrollment process, CCP requirements, and answer your questions. 

NOTE: College Credit Plus information for Ohio participation is also included on the website.


CCP Enrollment Process

The CCP enrollment process includes taking the Math and English Qualifying/Placement Tests (during scheduled, proctored times on our campus.) Students must test into college-level math and English; remedial classes are not permitted. ACT/SAT scores will be accepted if they are officially sent to UCBA. Other components include submission of an online application, official transcript/ grades, and printed forms (Basic Data and Application Signature & Authorization).

Overview | New CCP Students | Returning Students

CCP Benefits and Risks

There are many benefits and risks associated with participating in College Credit Plus. Students and parents should read and understand the pros and cons of participating in the CCP program, so an informed decision may be made.

Review Benefits and Risks of CCP

CCP Guidelines & Costs

The Ohio Revised Code/Board of Regents has set the guidelines, process, and costs for College Credit Plus in Ohio. In this section, an overview of those guidelines can be found along with those from the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College and the UCBA CCP Program.

CCP Guidelines

Classes and Sample Model Pathways

Included in this section are examples of classes including math placement test scores with correlating classes and model sample pathways for two of our programs. You will find links to all our UC Blue Ash College’s programs and degrees as well as our complete list of classes in this section as well as below.

Enrollment Deadlines

The following important dates must be met in order to participate in the program: Application materials should be submitted at least two weeks before final deadlines.

  • March 1: UC Blue Ash College's CCP Application Deadline for students wishing to start in the summer 2016 semester
  • By April 1:  Notify school‘s principal and counselor of the “intent to participate” and student/parents sign a school form.*

  • By April 15: UC Blue Ash College’s CCP Application Deadline for students wishing to start in the fall and spring semesters. 

  • During May:
    • Qualifying and Placement Testing Complete
    • Attend UCBA Mandatory CCP Orientation

Note to Nonpublic, nonchartered nonpublic, and home schooled students:


Questions? Contact Us

Our CCP specialists are available to assist with questions regarding the College Credit Plus program at UC Blue Ash College.

Program Director

Pamela Bauer
(513) 936-1697

Testing Coordinator

LuAnna Schwaeble
(513) 745-5783

Contact Information

Admission Office - Pamela Bauer
Phone: (513) 936-1697