Great Britain and Spain Study Abroad Program 2018

Great Britain & Spain

This English-language program will travel to Great Britain and Spain to study cultural connections, the rise of fascism, and the international impact of the Spanish Civil War. From your home base of Harlaxton Manor, one of the best study abroad locations in the world, you’ll study culture and literature before departing for exciting destinations like London, Barcelona, and Bilbao to bring your learning to life.

Courses offered as a part of this program

The program offers two 3-credit hour courses. Students may take one or both:

ENGL 2095 | The Good Fight: British and American Writers and the Spanish Civil War

(Fulfills Humanities HU & Diverse Culteres DC requirements)

Students will study works by George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway, and other British and American writers who fought in the Spanish Civil War or covered the conflict for newspapers worldwide.

SPAN 1081 | Cultural Coexistence in Times of Chaos

(Fulfills Humanities HU & Diverse Culteres DC requirements)

Spain and Great Britain have distinctly different cultures, vibrant in their own ways. And yet, in the 1930s, the Spanish Civil War and its international response provided opportunity for cultural exchange. In this course, students will study this fascinating cultural interaction.



  • London, England
  • Spain
    • Basque Region- Bilbao, Guernica
    • Belchite, Zaragoza
    • Barcelona

The program also includes at least one free weekend for students who want to pursue short-term independent travel.

Tentative Dates

May 12 to June 11, 2018

Program begins on campus prior to departure date. On-campus dates TBA.

Anticipated cost

$4,350 * (plus tuition)
Includes meals, lodging, transportation and excursions.

Students are encouraged take advantage of the many scholarships and grants available for study abroad programs:

UCBA Scholarships & Grants
External Scholarships

*price is tentative