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British Study Abroad Details

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Spend a thrilling month in Great Britain in summer 2017, studying literary and cinematic representations of England, India, and Empire. This exciting program offers students the chance to take two classes for UC credit as they tour a variety of sites across Great Britain. This is experiential learning at its finest!

Course Descriptions

This year Summer British Study Abroad includes two courses: one on literature course and one on film. These courses will examine the works of writers and filmmakers who have captured the nuances of colonization based on their unique perspectives and positions within the British Empire. Students who participate in the program must take at least one of the following courses (though they may take both):

Literature of the British Colonial Past: The Example of India

ENGL-2095 (3 credits) (no pre-requisite), HU and DC, Professor Rita Kumar (English)

This course will examine the literary works of British and Indian writers who explore the ways two vastly different cultures were both brought together and divided by Imperialism and cultural misunderstanding.

World Cinema: Curry, Cricket, and the Crown

EMDT 1082 (3 credits)(no pre-requisite), HP and FA, Professor Matt Bennett (Electronic Media)
In this course, students will explore the complex interrelationship of Britain and India, colonizer and colonized, as it has been depicted in the cinema.


On-site classes will be held at beautiful Harlaxton Manor in Grantham, England.

Program Theme:

In 2017, our program’s theme is England, India, and Empire! Courses offered in the program and field trip destinations will center around this fascinating theme.


Each year, Summer British Study Abroad (SBSA) spends at least two weeks at spectacular Harlaxton Manor, a 19th-century manor house nestled in the lush, green landscape of Lincolnshire, England. In 2017, students will also travel to London, Cambridge, Brighton, and the Isle of Wight. Students will enjoy some time for independent travel abroad if their budgets allow, or for independent time at Harlaxton Manor.

Tentative Excursions and Fieldtrips:

  • Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  • Albert Memorial, London
  • British Film Institute, London
  • Whitehall Walking Tour, London
  • Brick Lane Walking Tour, London
  • Bateman’s Estate and Hastings Museum
  • Osborne House, Isle of Wight
  • Indian Memorial Gateway and Chattri Museum, Brighton
  • Center for South Asian Studies, Cambridge


Tentative Program Cost

$4,200 + UC Blue Ash tuition

This price includes all program related travel, all accommodations, all excursion entry fees, all meals at Harlaxton, and some meals in other destinations.

Students are encouraged take advantage of the many scholarships and grants available for study abroad programs:

UCBA Scholarships & Grants
External Scholarships

Travel Dates: May 11 to June 10, 2017*

*classes begin on the UCBA campus one week prior to departure

Contact Information

Sue Sipple
Phone: (513) 936-7127
Email: susan.sipple@uc.edu