Nursing LPN-RN Track

This LPN-RN Track at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College Nursing Department is designed to meet the LPN’s educational needs through its flexibility and recognition of the LPN’s proven knowledge through the LPN licensure process.

Nursing courses in the LPN-RN Track are blended (also known as hybrid) courses, which combine computer-based/online with face-to-face classroom delivery. Clinical learning experiences are also flexible and are provided in positive clinical learning environments that meet the unique learning needs of the LPN.

iPad Requirement

All students enrolled in the LPN-RN Track must purchase the required most current 32GB iPad mini  for Nursing Orientation Training to be prepared for nursing courses starting June 2018.


Apple iPad mini (most current)  with 32GB of storage


Nursing Department


Contact Information

Nursing Department
Phone: (513) 745-5665

Program Details: Nursing LPN-RN Track

LPN-RN Track 

All current UC Blue Ash College students who apply to the Nursing Program LPN-RN Track are required to take the Admission test as part of the selective admission process. Admission testing must be completed by February 2018. Not taking the admission test will result in an incomplete application for the nursing LPN-RN Track. Incomplete admission packets will not be considered.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Have completed:
    • 8 credit hours of Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 2001C &2002C)
    • 3 credit hours of English (ENGL 1001)
    • 3 credit hours of Intro to Pharmacology (BIOL2028)
    • 3 credits of Foundations of Qualitative Reasoning (MATH 1008) or 3 credits of Statistics for Health Science (STATS 1031)
  2. Achieve a 2.8 GPA or better in all prerequisite and nonclinical required courses taken at UC Blue Ash College.
  3. Hold a current, unrestricted LPN license.
  4. If one full year high school chemistry has been completed with a “C” or better within 6 years of application to the program, a college level chemistry courses is not required. However, college level chemistry (CHEM 1030 + lab) is required if…
  • It has been longer than six years since completing high school chemistry with a grade of “C” or better, OR
  • A student did not take chemistry in high school, OR
  • A student received a grade below “C” in high school chemistry

Additional Selective Program Admission Criteria:

1. Reflective essay

    Please answer the essay in 300 words or less .

    Essay Content:

  • Briefly describe, 3-5 sentences, why you have chosen to become a Registered Nurse.
  • List your top three characteristics that will make you successful as a nursing student.

    Formatting Instructions: 

  • Essay must be in Times New Roman, size 12 font
  • Must be 300 words or less
  • Double-spaced with one inch margins on all sides, with the text aligned to the left only
  •  The file name for the essay should include the following information: Essay-Why I will make a good Nurse, followed by applicant last name
  • Upload the essay as Word Documents where indicated on the online application.

2. Admission Test - Additional testing information will be posted on website.

Admission Selection Process:

Students who meet the selective admission criteria are encouraged to apply to the Nursing LPN-RN Track. Students will submit their applications online along with the reflective essay. Once applications are received by the Nursing Department, students will need to schedule and complete the Admission Test no later than February 2018.

The program admission committee will review the academic records, reflective essay, and the admission test score.

  • Students may apply to the program via selective admission two times only.
  • Application to the LPN-RN Track does not guarantee admission to the program.

Applications will be accepted between November 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018 Students who meet minimum qualifications by the end of Fall term 2017 will be considered for early decision admission and will be notified of acceptance no later than March 31, 2018. Early decision students must return their acceptance letter by the date specified in admission letter to ensure a space in the class. Students who do not return the acceptance form by by that date will be removed from the admission list. All other applicants will be considered for regular decision admission and will be notified first week of June, 2018.


Nursing Office Contact Information:

Cathy Kimmel, Nursing Program Coordinator

Walters Hall 289

Phone 513-745-5665



LPN-RN Pending Nursing Advisor Contact Information:

Kevin Friedman

Muntz Hall 125

Preferred Method of Contact: Schedule via Starfish or by calling 513-745-5753.






This LPN-RN Track at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College Nursing Department is designed to meet the LPN’s educational needs through its flexibility and recognition of the LPN’s proven knowledge through the LPN licensure process.

All four nursing courses in the LPN-RN Track use a blended course design. This means 25-75% of all course content and learning activities are delivered online. The Quality Matters™ (QM) Rubric Standards will be used to guide this course design.

Students graduating from the UC Blue Ash College LPN-RN Track will have earned a total of 66 semester credits of general education, nursing clinical learning experiences and nursing didactic course work. Advanced standing [CTAGS] is awarded for the 15 credits of the first year nursing courses in the two-year nursing program.


Selective admissions is in in place for entrance into the LPN-RN Track. This means that students may not be admitted directly into the LPN-RN Track of the UC Blue Ash College Nursing Program. Upon successful completion of the LPN-RN Pre-Nursing prerequisites, the student may submit an application for consideration to the LPN-RN Track. Once admitted to the LPN-RN Track, the student will be required to successfully complete the following nursing courses.

Nursing Program Semester Outline LPN-RN Track


Summer Semester
Fall Semester
Nursing: Transitions LPN-RN- NTSN 1005C – (4)
Developmental Psychology - PSYC 2040 - (3)

Total semester hours = (7)
Microbiology for Health Professionals – BIOL 2031C - (3)
Nursing: IV LPN-RN - NTSN 2007C – (3)
Nursing: V LPN-RN - NSTN 2009C – (3)
Intermediate Composition - ENGL 2089 – (3)

Total semester hours = (12)
Spring Semester
Nursing: LPN-RN VI - NSTN 2011 – (6)
Global Community - SOC2089 – (3)
General Education Elective (HU, FA, HP) – (3)

Total semester hours = (12)
Total hours = 31  


Satisfactory completion of these nursing courses plus additional general education course requirements will take one full academic year and will result in an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Nursing RN Technology and eligibility to take the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN) exam.

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