Liberal Arts Program

Interested in the humanities, such as English, political science, or history? UCBA can prepare you for a four-year degree in one of these disciplines with our two-year program in liberal arts. 

The Liberal Arts program is designed for students who want to start their education at UCBA, but complete their BA or BS from UC's McMicken College of Arts and Sciences (A&S). Once you complete the coursework at UCBA, you can transfer to more than 30 programs at the Uptown Campus, including history, English, political science, Africana studies, women's studies, and philosophy. 

In addition to fulfilling all of the core requirements for a bachelor's degree, the Liberal Arts program helps you develop core skills in critical thinking and analysis that are vital to successful undergraduate education. The program starts with Introduction to the Liberal Arts, a first-year seminar, where you will develop writing, communication, and critical thinking skills, and explore the disciplines that you can major in once you transfer. The Liberal Arts program also offers flexibility. If you are unsure about a major, you can make steady progress toward a degree, and you don't have to officially declare until you transfer. Finally, a liberal arts education prepares students for a variety of careers in education, public service, and business, and is especially helpful for those considering graduate study, especially law school.

Where It Will Take You

Career opportunities include organizational training and consulting, public relations, human resource development, sales and training. It also offers those interested in transitioning a wide range of programs to complete for a Bachelor's degree.

Transition-Oriented Program

Many students choose to complete a bachelor’s degree. Among the areas of concentration offered at the College of Arts and Sciences for which transfer with a liberal arts degree is appropriate are African-American studies, anthropology, Asian studies, classical civilization, communication, economics, English, French, geography, German/German studies, history, interdisciplinary studies, Judaic studies, Latin American studies, mathematical sciences, personnel and industrial relations, philosophy, physical geography, political science, psychology, sociology and Spanish.

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Liberal Arts

What is Liberal Arts?

The Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts provides students with the first two years of the broad educational foundation needed for entry into many fields. The program is designed so that students planning to transfer from Blue Ash College to McMicken College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Cincinnati can complete a typical bachelor’s degree with an additional two years of full-time study.

Successful Liberal Arts students are interested in exploring a wide range of disciplines.

Career Possibilities

Many students choose to complete a bachelor’s degree. Among the areas of concentration offered at the College of Arts and Sciences for which transfer with a Liberal Arts degree is appropriate are Afro-American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Classical Civilization, Communication, Economics, English, French, Geography, German/German Studies, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Judaic Studies, Latin American studies, Mathematical Sciences, Personnel and Industrial Relations, Philosophy, Physical Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Spanish.

Students may enter the workforce directly with an AA in Liberal Arts. Their degree signifies that they have developed the critical-thinking skills necessary for success in business.



For advising contact information, please check the college's advising web page:

Advising Center phone:  513-745-5753

UC Advantages and Special Opportunities

The Liberal Arts program provides an excellent general education foundation for students who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree in a variety of majors at the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences. Students at UC Blue Ash College enjoy small classes and well-qualified faculty, as well as the many benefits afforded through study at a university ranked among the nation's top 25 public research institutions. The regional campus is conveniently located and has lower fees for tuition, technology, student life, and parking.

Admission Requirements

The program is open to all students with a high school diploma from an accredited high school or GED and the desire to succeed in college. Although admission is open, students accepted into the program must meet the academic standards of the program to graduate and to advance to upper levels of study. High school students who are considering UC Blue Ash College should take either the SAT or ACT test for guidance and counseling. 

Transferring to UC Requirements

Transferring to UC Blue Ash College :

UC Blue Ash College has an open admission policy (although some programs within the college are selective admissions.)  Transfer students must supply official transcripts from each previously attended institution. Credits are accepted from any institution currently accredited by any of the six regional accrediting agencies. Credits transferred from another institution may not fulfill specific requirements for the degree.  An official evaluation of transfer credit from other colleges will be processed after the student’s file is complete.

Changing Majors within UC Requirements

For current UC students who wish to transfer from one UC program to another:   

  • Fill out an Application for Change in College and Program (sometimes referred to as the "On-Campus Transfer Form"). This form may also be obtained from your current college office.
  • Submit the completed form to the college which offers the program into which you want to transition.

Students must complete the residency requirement at UCBA to qualify for graduation from a UCBA program.

International Student Requirements

International students wishing to apply to UCBA can find information at

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete all program requirements
  • Earn at least 60 semester credit hours (for an associate degree) This can include transfer credit, AP credit and free electives, but does not include preparatory coursework. Students who have met all other degree requirements must continue earning credit until the total number of their earned hours comes to at least these minimum number of credit hours.
  • Attain a 2.0 grade point average for all courses taken at the University of Cincinnati
  • Be in good academic standing, that is, not on either academic probation or disciplinary probation or suspension.
  • Complete the UCBA residency requirement.
  • Submit an application for graduation to the registrar's office by their posted deadline.

Application Deadlines

UC Blue Ash College admits students each term, so students can begin fall, spring, and summer semesters. Please consult the UC Blue Ash Admissions page for specific application deadlines for each term.


The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

UC Blue Ash College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Quick Facts

Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts

Full-Time Program Duration

2 Years


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