Ipad Requirement for Nursing Students


The iPad requirement is an initiative to enrich the nursing education experience through the use of iPads at UC Blue Ash College.

This undertaking has involved changing the way content is delivered in the classroom, skills, simulation, and clinical setting. The iPad facilitates content generation, collaboration and communication both online and onsite for both students and faculty.

How It Benefits Students

The iPad requirement contributes to our students' education by providing:

  • More meaningful learning experiences.
  • Enhanced student services.
  • Significant textbook savings.
  • More effective note-taking capabilities.
  • Portability: enabling you to easily carry all of your nursing resources with you all the time.
  • Students’ and faculty’s ability to instantly generate and share media rich content.
  • Multiple uses: no need to buy a separate camera, digital recorder, calculator, PRS clicker, etc.
  • Extended use: long battery life allows you to make it through the day without charging.


What Needs To Be Purchased:

Based on its functionality, size and price point, we’ve selected the following as the standardized device for this endeavor:

Apple iPad mini (most current)  with 32GB of storage

Click here to learn more on the Apple Website


Does the Nursing Department have funding available for students who can't afford an iPad?

We are sensitive that an iPad is a financial investment for you. Therefore, we are working extremely hard to make sure that it is an investment that increases your success as a student and a nurse. While we don't have funding specifically allocated for iPads, they qualify for financial aid, the same as textbooks do.

Will students be required to purchase e-texts or can students buy print versions?

Students will have the choice of which textbook type to purchase. Students are not required to purchase e-texts, however, the Nursing Department has standardized an e-text platform and an associated app should you choose to purchase e-texts, which are recommended.

The benefits of purchasing e-texts include:

  • advanced note-taking
  • electronic highlighting
  • improved search functionality
  • helpful flash card generation
  • significant cost-savings: the typical cost-savings for e-texts is approximately 40 – 60% off the cost of the print version. In addition, many e-texts provide rental options which offer even more significant savings.


Contact Information

Walters Hall • Room 289
Phone: (513) 745-5665
Email: ucbanrs@ucmail.uc.edu