Electronic Media FAQs

Are you part of the Main Campus CCM or DAAP programs?

No. We are an independent academic department at University of Cincinnati's UC Blue Ash regional campus in the northern Cincinnati suburb of Blue Ash, Ohio.

What is the difference between an Associate and Bachelor's Degree?

An Associate Degree is designed so it can, in many cases, be completed in two years. A Bachelor's Degree generally takes four years to complete. The majority of the classes you will take toward an Associate Degree are focused toward your field of study. There are some required general education classes in English and History but not math. A Bachelor's Degree requires many more "general education" courses covering a variety of subject matters.

What is the difference between a Technical and Liberal Arts Program?

A Technical Program is geared toward teaching a skill and preparing the student for the workforce. The classes are hands-on from the start and there are not a lot of freshman level prerequisites before you can work in your major. In some cases, Technical Associate Degrees are not easly transferrable to Bachelor's Degree programs.

A Liberal Arts Program teaches a breadth of knowledge in many different areas. All majors take classes on a variety of topics toward building general knowledge of many different subjects. While you will take many classes in your major you will also take classes in social studies, math, and the sciences.

Can I transfer to Clifton Campus from your program?

We have articulation agreements with two programs on Clifton Campus where our students can continue their education to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Upon the successful completion of our program, students can transfer to the College Conservatory of Music (CCM) Electronic Media program or the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) Electronic Arts program. The classes you take here will transfer to their program. However, admission into their program is based on several factors, including your GPA, and is not guaranteed by virtue of completing our degree. If you are interested in transferring to CCM or DAAP it is recommended you consult with your advisor.

What is the difference between the Associate of Applied Science degree and the Professional Certificate?

The Associate of Applied Science degree is designed for students who do not currently have a college degree. It can be completed in two or three years and has a limited number of general education requirements.

The Professional Certificate is designed for people who already have a college degree. If you already have a Bachelor's Degree we recommend you work toward the Certificate and not the Associate Degree. The Professional Certificate requires the same classes in your major, but it does not require any general education classes.

What is the difference between the Professional Certificate and the One-Year Certificates?

The Professional Certificate is designed for people who already have a Bachelor's Degree. The One-Year Certificates are open to anyone.

The Professional Certificate requires you to take classes in a variety of subjects like web design, video production and photography. The One-Year Certificates are a series of classes in a related subject area like Animation or Media Criticism and Journalism.

You can add the classes from any of the One-Year Certificates to your Associate Degree or Professional Certificate to learn new skills. By completing the certificate you can specialize in any of the subjects and receive an extra credential upon graduation.

Can I get an Associate Degree in Broadcast Media, Animation or Web Design from your program?

No. Our program offers an Associate Degree in Electronic Media Technology that covers audio, video, photography, web design and other forms of electronic media. However, you can take the classes from the Broadcast Media, Animation, Web Multimedia or other certificates in addition to the classes for the Associate Degree in Electronic Media Technology. Think of the certificates as a minor in addition to your Electronic Media major.

What do I get from a Performance Package?

Performance Package Certificate programs help students upgrade skills and knowledge, making them more marketable professionals and more valuable employees. Each Performance Package Certificate consists of three or four courses that build production or critical skills in a particular discipline. Students can typically complete a Performance Package Certificate program in one year by taking one course per term, but eMedia Tech students can complete a number of the Certificate programs as they complete the required courses for the Associate of Applied Science degree or Professional Certificate program.

Students must earn a grade of C or better in each course to receive the Certificate of Achievement for a Performance Package. Students will receive the certificate upon approval of the application form, and may complete any number of certificate packages.

Completing a Performance Package Certificate is way to learn some new skills without a large time commitment.


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