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Affordable Tuition For UC Academics

How does half price tuition sound? TUITION AT UCBA IS ABOUT HALF OF MOST COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Get a great UC education at nearly half the cost at UC Blue Ash College.  Whether you’re earning a degree to start your career or planning to transition into a baccalaureate program after two years, UCBA is a smart investment!
How does half price tuition sound?

We provide an authentic University of Cincinnati education. That means you will be well prepared, whether you transition to the UC Uptown campus, complete your bachelor’s degree at our college, or start your career after earning your associate degree.

 UCBA Standard Programs
(per cr.hr.)
(per term)
Full Time
(per year)
Instructional Fee
General Fee (Includes Parking)
ITIE Fee (Information Technology)
First Year Student Success Program Fee**
$175 $350
Ohio Resident Total*
$266 $3,180
Non-Resident Surcharge
Non-Resident Total*
$632 $7,579 $15,158


 UCBA Bachelor's Programs
(per cr.hr.)
(per term)
Full Time
(per year)
Bachelor of Technical & Applied Studies (BTAS) in Applied Administration
BTAS Ohio Resident Total*
$334 $4,011
BTAS Non-Resident Total*
$751 $9,009
Bachelor of Radiation Science Technology (BRST)
BRST Ohio Resident Total*
BRST Non-Resident Total*


*Tuition and fees are for 12-18 hours per semester. This does not include additional costs such as books, lab/college/program fees, the first year student success fee and health insurance premiums. Some UCBA technology and health care programs may have additional program fees. Visit www.ucblueash.edu/fees for complete details.

UCBA students registering as part-time students with Uptown campus courses will be charged appropriate Uptown campus fees. Full time students matriculated at UCBA pay full-time UCBA fees; however, if taking 7 or more credit hours of Uptown courses, students will be charged a differential fee. Fees are subject to change by the UC Board of Trustees.

Contact Information

Admissions Office
Phone: 513-745-5700
Email: admissions@ucblueash.edu